Four friends sharing mutual love for rock ‘n’ roll & beer. Life can be so simple sometimes! Yep, Rusty Bonez is what every band would love to: And this easy-going feel reflects to their last year’s debut album ‘Wrath’. Just days before their live performance at the 7th Music Highway Festival (KYTTARO Live Club, February 16th), they shared a few words with us…

Rusty Bonez formed back in 2015! So, what’s has the story been so far and how did you end up forming the band? Any previous bands you had/have participated?

It’s actually a very simple story! Four friends, with a mutual love for music (and beer), decided to make some! And this is how we started and how we intend to continue! Over the years we all participated in several projects, and gained experience from them. Skysent LU was the only one that all four of us were together, so I think this was the base of our story!

In November 2017 you released your debut ‘Wrath‘, a very good mix of heavy rock with stoner rock influences. Would you like to talk about your debut then? How would you describe it to an unaware listener?

Straight from the heart R n’ R! We didn’t want to put any labels, we just wanted to put out there whatever was inside us. And this was the result… a little southern, a little stoner, a little rock n roll and an urge to make some music, that first of all, makes us happy! I think this is the essence of Rusty Bonez!

Why did you choose ‘Broken Mold’ as the first official video (lyric) from ‘Wrath‘?

It was one of our favorite songs since day one! Both music and lyrics of the song are representative of what we stand for! It was a quite easy choice actually!

Studying your Facebook profile, you refer to “influences from our favorite rock sounds of America”. Which bands would you specifically name, and is it only America? Europe?

Corrosion Of Conformity, Kyuss, Alice In ChainsClutch, Black Label Society… and the list goes on and on!! So many bands were the reason to play the way we do right now, not only from America but from all over the world… I need a lot of paper to write them all down…..

What does rock mean to you? In a few words, is it the music, the way of life, the vibe? Please describe…

Rock is attitude…rock is the way you decide to encounter every single moment of your life, good or bad. Either you choose to compromise or to be yourself…

What should we expect from your upcoming live performance at the 7th Highway Festival? Will you burn the amplifiers?

We will do the best we can to set the stage and the audience on fire….!!!


You have performed with great Greek bands like Planet Of Zeus, Potergeist & Black Hat Bones among others! What kind of experience have you gained from this live co-existence?

We were lucky to play alongside with some of the greatest bands in Greece. From each and every one of them, we gained different things, but most importantly, we confirmed that you have to believe in your music in order for others to believe in it.

What holds the future for the band?

This year we’ll focus on promoting ‘Wrath‘ in order to be heard from as many people as possible. Meanwhile, we are already composing some new stuff… We are here to stay!

A special message from Rusty Bonez to Last Day Deaf readers?

Stay rock and support your local bands!!

Photo credits: Venetia Venetiadi (Photorocking)

Christos Doukakis