This is so devastating… Modern rock icon and Linkin Park‘s singer, Chester Bennington, passed away a few hours ago, taking his own life at 41. As TMZ reports, “Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide“.

Bennington was close friend with late Chris Cornell, and what an irony, today Chris would have turned 53.

Merely a few days before the band’s “One More Light World Tour” and the very same day their latest video for ‘Talking To Myself‘ had been published…

Hybrid Theory‘, back in 2000, was Linkin Park’s major success, and opened the road for many nu-metal bands and groups, many of them trying to follow their ‘recipe’:

Since, here at Last Day Deaf we are against music elitism, and above all being real music fans & supporters, we cannot underestimate the fact that Chester and co. managed to express millions of teenagers over the years, inspiring many youngsters to quit addictions, form bands and get involved with music. And this is their real value, apart from their multi-platinum albums and sold out arena gigs.

Gonna miss you Chester for all the above…

Christos Doukakis