This one is a special exclusive one for the (Greek) summer! Last Day Deaf is excited to premiere The Captain’s Son‘s ‘Burned Out Early‘, an ultra fine blend of psychedelia and 70’s classic rock, “wrapped” up in a modern indie package…

This is a rippin’ and hypnotic song wrapped up in a lo-fi, warm package. With a lot of “atmosphere” sounds (due partly by the way it was recorded) and delays this song is a perfect chill number for someone also seeking the freaky, psychedelic, Doors-ish, unexpected feel. It’s kinda laid-back at first then gets crazier at the end with huge guitars and driving bongos. Different than some of our indie-pop/rock stuff. Take a high-drive and chill. The Captain’s Son has wayyyy more to come and choose from.”


Press Release:

The Captain’s Son combines indie surf pop, beautiful layered harmonies and classic garage rock n’ roll. Taking influence from 60’s artists and modern indie groups, the band have succeeded in crafting a soulful, unique sound all their own. 

The Captain’s Son is Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins. Together they have the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals and upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, the band formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together as teens. Hopkins later joined the band and after realizing they shared the same passion for music, it encouraged them to continue their journey together as The Captain’s Son.