This EP was recorded at Machines with Magnets, edited at EarthTone Studios and mixed/ mastered at Ugly Duck Studios.

These four songs have evolved so much ever since they were written, that what you hear today was definitely not how they started out. As a band, we have gone through three different configurations, but have always kept the same instrumentation. Our goal as a band is to constantly write new music and keep up with the times as well as continue to study the music of the past.



Kelly Bruce | Vocals, Percussion, Piano
Michael Benjamin | Guitar, Trumpet
Eli Kovacevich | Drums, Percussion
Shane Fitzgerald | Guitar, Piano
Damon Ivester | Bass Guitar

Contributing Musicians*
Kia Goodell | Cello (Face Today)
Album Art | Michael Kovacevich
All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Responders

Recording Engineer | Seth Manchester (Machines with Magnets)
Editing Engineer | Ry Kovacevich (EarthtoneStudios)
Mixing Engineer | Samuel Creager ( Ugly Duck Recording Studios)