My Precious! A Waves Radio Show Compilation’ is a compilation by Red Maze Records, out on November 7. Red Maze Records is a label based in Brussels specializing in wave/post-punk/minimal synth/electro music, and ‘My Precious…’ is presented by Waves Radio Show. The curators, Fernando Wax and Phil Blackmarquis selected new, exclusive and unreleased gems from favorite bands and artists in the wave, making an extremely interesting music “bouquet”.

The compilation includes names, such as Diktatur, Factice Factory, Stockhaussen, h ø r d, Adán & Ilse, Agent Side Grinder among others, all participating with previously unreleased material! Apart from digital download, 600 physical copies (vinyl) will be available. You can find out more details about the compilation in the label’s facebook page  and bandcamp.

Mike Dimitriou