The Telluride Horror Show, Colorado’s first and longest-running horror film festival, returns for its 7th edition October 14-16, 2016. Every year, the festival attracts the latest & best horror films from around the world and attendees from all over the country for an intimate gathering of genre film fans in the world-famous mountain resort town of Telluride, Colorado. For three days and nights, experience an eclectic mix of horror, suspense, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi and dark comedy in Telluride’s historic Sheridan Opera House, Nugget Theatre, and the newly-added “Gargoyle Room”, with many of the films showing for the first time in the US. The festival line-up offers over 20 feature films, more than 50 short films, surprise screenings of highly-anticipated genre films at our “Secret Sunday Shows”, and hosts special programs, guests, and events. If you love horror, and film, then you can’t miss this fest.



Ireland/UK | 2016 | 99 min
Director: Liam Gavin

A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want.


USA | 2016 | 90 min
Director: Carson Mell

After encountering a ghost in their vacation home, Dan (Steve Zissis) and his wife Mary (Jennifer Irwin) consult an exorcist. Unsatisfied with the verdict, Dan goes behind his wife’s back to seek a second opinion, and secretly hires Os (Mark Proksch) who promises to get rid of the beings. Os and Dan spend a week together in the vacation home exorcising the “EFD” (Evil Fully Determined) beings, but Dan soon realizes that ridding the home of evil won’t be as simple as it seems.


France | 2016 | 142 min
Director: Hervé Hadmar

Lisa’s fate takes a dramatic turn when she inherits a mysterious uninhabited old house left to her in the will of its deceased owner. Fascinated, Lisa moves into the house without any inkling of the mysteries that await her.


USA | 2016 | 97 min
Director: Rod Blackhurst

Ann, a young woman in her late 20s, struggles to survive alone in the woods after a mysterious epidemic decimates society. Bleak, gritty, and teeming with fear, “Here Alone” tells a story of survival and emotional redemption set in a post-apocalyptic landscape.


UK | 2016 | 95 min
Director: Andy Edwards

Three best friends – Alex, Az and Jim – head to Ibiza for their first lad’s holiday. Unfortunately, tagging along is Alex’s unimpressed ex-girlfriend Ellie. Arriving on the island, the lads dump Ellie with Alex’s sister Liz, and her friend Zara, and head to San Antonio to start their week of sun, sea and debauchery. Soon they end up in a club, run by local gangster Karl, where the attractions aren’t all alive – they’re zombies! Due to Jim’s drunken antics the zombies escape, and soon all hell breaks loose and no one on the party island is safe.


UK | 2015 | 99 min
Director: Steven Gomez

When an elite army unit is helicoptered to a remote, off-the-grid island facility, a simple training exercise quickly descends into a terrifying battle to the death as the marines discover the island is overrun by an enemy that transcends the human concept of evil.


USA | 2015 | 93 min
Directors: Sam Marine & Michael Borowiec

In a small town, Willem, a retired geologist and conspiracy theorist, struggles to find an audience for his controversial beliefs. After befriending some locals, Willem decides to make a low-budget movie about his life, re-enacting scenes from his crumbled marriage and his encounters with aliens while working for the government. Confronting his past, he grows increasingly paranoid about his future.


USA | 2016 | 88 min
Director: Dean Ronalds

When an internet company decides to investigate a series of ‘Screamer’ videos, they are confronted with havoc and hell they could never expect.


USA | 2016 | 84 min
Director: Morgan Spurlock

Inspired by Robert Sullivan’s New York Times bestselling book, RATS goes deep beneath the surface to explore the lives of man’s greatest parasite. Oscar® nominated director Morgan Spurlock unveils a new form of documentary horror storytelling, journeying around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into our complicated relationship with these creepy creatures. In ways never before captured on film, RATS dives deep into New York City’s parks, subway tunnels, and sewers; venture to rice paddies in Cambodia and Vietnam where rats are caught and sold as food, cross worldly streets in India paroled by the revered Night Rat Killers, journey to the English countryside where packs of terriers kill hundreds of rats per day, and look inside a New Orleans lab, where scientists are studying how abandoned neighborhoods are making rats more invasive than ever. A film as dark and disturbing as any horror movie, RATS is not for the weak of heart, or stomach, and Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.


Japan | 2016 | 98 min
Director: Koji Shiraishi

After viewing a legendary cursed videotape, Natsumi discovers she has only two days before she will be killed by the demonic entity known as Sadako. The only way to break the curse: Pitting the demon Sadako against Kayako, an accursed spirit possessing a haunted house where everyone who enters disappears.


USA | 2016 | 84 min
Director: Damien Leone

A maniacal clown named Art terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way…. In 2011, director Damien Leone came to the Telluride Horror Show with his short film, “Terrifier”. A true grindhouse flick with a brutal killer, the short was met with a standing ovation. Now Damien returns to Telluride with the long-awaited feature length version. Art the Clown is back, and more insane than ever.


USA | 2016 | 77 min
Director: Nicolas Pesce

In their secluded farmhouse, a mother, formerly a surgeon in Portugal, teaches her daughter, Francisca, to understand anatomy and be unfazed by death. One afternoon, a mysterious visitor horrifyingly shatters the idyll of Francisca’s family life, deeply traumatizing the young girl, but also awakening some unique curiosities. Though she clings to her increasingly reticent father, Francisca’s loneliness and scarred nature converge years later when her longing to connect with the world around her takes on a distinctly dark form.


France | 2016 | 76 min
Director: Romain Serir

Clarisse meets Marc, a young surgeon. She spends the night with him in his mansion. In the morning, she realizes that she has been fooled. She’s now held against her will…


Netherlands | 2016 | 85 min
Director: Nick Jongerius

A group of unsuspecting tourists awaken a mysterious evil while on a trip through the Dutch countryside.


USA | 2016 | 93 min
Director: Richard Bates Jr.

When Owen is forced to confront the past he’s been running from his whole life, he and his girlfriend, Isabel, become entangled in a horrifying web of lies, deceit, and murder. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be scarred for life. From the director of “Excision” and “Suburban Gothic“.


Mexico | 2016 | 80 min
Director: Emiliano Rocha Minter

Set in a post-apocalypse Mexico, a brother and sister wander a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter. They find their way into one of its last surviving buildings, where a man makes them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world. As they help him transform the building into a womb-like cave, a disquieting sexual relationship emerges, along with a dynamic in which darker instincts do their destructive work.

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‘Assembled’ by Christos Doukakis