Rabia Sorda 2

The Mexican-German electropunk trio is ready for a new single which will be a hand signed digipack limited to 999 pieces. The 5-track release, out on 3rd June 2016, holds 2 new songs: ‘King Of The Wasteland‘, ‘Monster‘ and 3 remixes on them.

Rabia Sorda is the alter ego of Hocico’s frontman Erk Aicrag, inventing electropunk bullets targeting the alternative electro dance floors since 2003. Pretty groovy, aggressive and built with certain know-how, they have achieved a lot together with their dedicated fans, a real hardcore fan club that gets them high billing at festivals. This year’s ammo will be full of hate and aggression, as they declare on their official page, giving the stigma as an anthemic electropunk attack. We have good reasons to expect a blast; 13 years in the grind are enough to fill them with experience in making that kind of music and always setting their ambitions higher.

Rabia Sorda 1


1. King of The Wasteland
2. Monster
3. King of The Wasteland (Feil Version)
4. Monster (Remixed by Practice)
5. King of The Wasteland (Remixed by Shaârghot, Feat ClemX)

Mike Dimitriou

Obey Me! (Promises Of Monsters)‘ below is from their latest release ‘Animales Salvajes‘: