1. Radiohead – ‘Daydreaming’

All last week was about Radiohead; we had all been going berserk for days with the band going off the grid, then on again posting ‘Burn the Witch. But what broke the internet was the second release as it came completely out of the blue. Daydreaming‘ is the second single out of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool. So much has been said and can be said about the song and that ingenious video of it, that it is about to be assigned legend status in as early as a week after its release.

Well, the song is fragile and beautiful. It’s beautiful, but in a menacing, scary kind of way: an ominous lullaby, a lament for what didn’t come to be and all that’s going to follow. Listen to the sad piano and the backmasked vocals again and again. Play it backwards even. You’ll discover this song is Janus-like. ‘Daydreaming feels like it has layers —layers of sound and meaning— hiding beneath that first impression.

Debbie Maliotaki

  1. Ensemble Economique (feat. Peter Broderick) – ‘On The Sand’

California-born multi-instrumentalist Brian Pyle, the mastermind behind the project Ensemble Economique and formerly part of the noise drone duo Starving Weirdos, joins forces with Portland-based artist Peter Broderick.

A long dark mysterious hypnotic walk among the desert ghosts, where day and night collide, driven by the guttural whisper of Peter Broderick voice.

If you were addicted to this sublime lysergic ride, do not miss the magnificent last year’s album ‘Blossoms In Red‘ on the excellent Denovali label.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Few Bits – ‘Summer Sun’

I couldn’t find a better description of this Antwerp based band’s gem which mixes “shimmering guitars, hazy vocals and loose but galloping grooves. Imagine Real Estate tackling Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’ at 45rpm instead of 33 1/3rpm and you get the picture”, than Tilly McCarthy’s one. Few Bits sing about ‘Summer Sun’ like no other this year. All you have to do, is get lost in their dream pop theurgy. Catchy as hell!

Christos Doukakis


  1. Cold Colors – ‘Les Ombres’

Deep embracing minimal synth lines, drum machine, unpassionate narrating voice, sense of solitude and resignation for a long lost love…

An intriguing and modern mix of coldwave, new wave and early Detroit techno from the creative force of Frederick Barbe from Bordeaux, France.

Taken from the new 4-track EP ‘Dans La Vide‘ via Lux Records.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. The Stone Roses – ‘All For One’

Who could expect that almost two decades after their break-up, The Stone Roses would strike back with new music, and especially with a track like ‘All For One’. Alan “Reni” Wren, Gary “Mani” Mounfield, John Squire, and Ian Brown, all seem in good shape, and for the next three and a half minutes you can surrender to The Stone Roses’ leisureliness. 12 points to Manchester please…

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Debbie Maliotaki, Fabrizio Lusso & Christos Doukakis