Forsythe has outdone himself. Four works by the great choreographer make for a pleasurable evening as the bodies of the outstanding dancers coordinate, fly, find themselves again—in other words, dance—on an empty stage with no sound accompanying them except their own bodies.

Ιf anyone could be described as having “electrified” ballet, as having breathed new life into it and transformed it into a dynamic art-form ready to soar ever higher in the 21st century, that person would be William Forsythe.

He creates entire worlds using nothing but the human body, space and time, making dance an unprecedented experience for dancers and audience alike. This is very much the case with the four works—two revivals plus two new creations—which form the evening’s programme.

Dancers who have worked with him for many years narrate profoundly communicative stories with their bodies, their breathing the only sound accompanying them. Humour, sensitivity, provocation, response. Guiding them: their rhythm and incredible coordination. Like the hands on an invisible clock, they record time, render it visible, expand and contract it by changing space and, ultimately, by opening the secret channel through which we communicate with it.


Choreography: William Forsythe and Brigel Gjoka, Jill Johnson, Christopher Roman, Parvaneh Scharafali, Riley Watts, Rauf “RubberLegz“ Yasit and Ander Zabala

The dancers are: Cyril Baldry, Brigel Gjoka, Jill Johnson, Christopher Roman, Parvaneh Scharafali, Riley Watts, Rauf ‘RubberLegz’ Yasit

Lighting: Tanja Rühl & William Forsythe
Costumes: Dorothee Merg & William Forsythe
Sound Designer: Niels Lanz
Production Assistant: Robin Aren

Production Manager: Adam Carrée
Touring Production Manager: Philip Connolly
Production Electrician / Relighter: Will Frost
Head of Sound: Simon Lambert

For Sadler’s Wells
Chief Executive & Artistic Director: Alistair Spalding CBE
Executive Producer: Suzanne Walker
Head of Producing & Touring: Bia Oliveira
Tour Producer: Aristea Charalampidou
Producing & Touring Coordinator: Florent Trioux
Marketing Manager: Daniel King
Senior Press Manager: Caroline Ansdell
Wardrobe Supervisor: Miwa Mitsuhashi

A Sadler’s Wells London production.

Co-produced with:
Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, le Théâtre du Châtelet and Festival d’Automne à Paris; Festival Montpellier Danse 2019; Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg; The Shed, New York; Onassis Stegi; deSingel international arts campus (Antwerp).

First performed at Sadler’s Wells London on 4 October 2018.
Winner of the FEDORA – VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Prize for Ballet 2018

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