Acte vide “chat” with Pina Bounce through improvisational and sonic explorations. They will present different sets of short duration, which will alternate and sometimes coincide, as is the case in a dialogue.

Thursday, December 27th, at Polychoros KET. Be there!

Acte Vide

Acte Vide (vacant act) is Giannis Kotsonis and Danae Stephanou. Since 2006 they have been improvising together, exploring the limits of noise and silence. They have performed numerous concerts and improvised events in Greece and other countries, often in dialogue with other musicians, artists and directors. They are going through the time of acceleration with relative calm, very rarely informing their website.

Pina Bounce

Pina Bounce lives and works in Athens as a musician, DJ and architect. Her musical work, as a group or individual, since 2001, contains theater, cinema, sound facilities, concert venues, and discography. It examines improvisation, synthesis, deconstruction of sound formats and the creation of sound spaces and essays. Most of her work is in the two main group projects, Drog_A_Tek and Minimaximum Improvision, and solo project Pin (n) a Bounce.