Together with “THEY” we are exploring the transgender and sexual identity of the human nature. Observing the world of two creatures and entering into their universe of coexistence, transformation and the never-ending  game of roles.

Two creatures travel through their own microcosms and universes. They sometimes coexist and other times fight each other; they meet and disappear, either exploring or ignoring each other. They constantly transform and falter on the edges of passion and hatred, altering and questioning themselves within the fluidity of sexual desire and their undefined identity.

Defining someone’s identity has become the model for liberation in today’s world. Our sexual preference does not necessarily imply our sexual identity. Our biological gender is not strictly connected to our social gender.

The project has been developed in the frame of The  Watermill Summer Program directed by Robert Wilson.

With the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture (YPPOA).


Concept – Choreography

Marianna Kavallieratos


& performed by:

Alexandros Vardaxogloy, Alexis Fousekis

Lighting Design 

Eleftheria Deko

Music Composition 

Dom Bouffard

Set Design 

Ioanna Plessa

Costumes Design 

Vasiliki Syrma

Choreographer’s Assistant

Aspasia-Maria Alexiou


Efi Gousi

Production Coordination

Maria Vasariotou

Production & Touring Management

Delta Pi

Artistic Direction -Production 




12 July, 15:00

13 July, 21:30

14 July, 15:00


San Nicolò Sala Convegni