After 40 years, 7 sequels and two remakes the quintessential slasher film franchise is coming home with John Carpenter the creator of the original “Halloween” involved this time as an executive producer and composer of the musical score, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis who became the iconic scream queen playing Laurie Strode.

What is very intriguing about “Halloween” (2018) is that it is a direct sequel to the original “Halloween. Some may find this strange and may not be happy with this direction, but it is something comic books have always done really successfully.

Well having finally seen the first trailer for “Halloween” (2018), it looks as if the film could well be the sequel John Carpenter’s masterpiece deserves. Jamie Lee Curtis seems that she fully embraced returning to the role of Laurie Strode. The character obviously still haunted by the events of 40 years ago. Although Laurie Strode is now no longer a teenager but a grandmother who is determined to bring an end to her nightmare. Michael Myers’ killing spree having become in the intervening years an urban myth, with many not believing her story.

The goose bumps moment in the trailer is when John Carpenter’s iconic theme kicks in signalling Michael Myers making his appearance proper in the trailer, The Shadow has come home. Although this time it seems he may have met his match in Laurie Strode, out to take him down once and for all.

From what is seen in the trailer it seems the film-makers have brought some different, and quite unexpected elements to this sequel. The standout moments are some beautiful and intriguing shots. New characters are introduced in the form of reporters investigating the myth of Michael Myers. For eagle eyed fans there are lots of references to the original film, with a nice little tribute to Donald Pleasence. It is fitting he should be included in some way because he absolutely loved being involved in the Halloween films playing Dr Sam Loomis.

To be absolutely honest the thought of yet another Halloween sequel did not really inspire me with hope, until it was announced that both John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis were returning. Added to this the first trailer showing some original and promising elements, my expectations are now higher than they were when this sequel was first announced.

So lets hope that the film really does finally deliver the sequel John Carpenter’s masterpiece deserves.

Karl Franks