Seeing violists play their instruments with grace and burning passion is so inspiring. However, many people are intimidated to try the viola because of its seemingly difficult techniques. The truth is, playing viola doesn’t have to be hard when you have a good teacher and some helpful tips to guide you throughout your musical journey.

Things to Know Before Playing Viola

Perhaps the first thing you need to know is that violas are heavy stringed instruments. It’s not only an exercise for your mind, but also to your arms and posture. In an orchestra, violists get the unusual harmony because of its weird tune.

Some people think that it’s the same as playing violins when in fact it’s not. The weight, bow pressure, and size of violas make them even harder to learn. As a result, violists kind of develop muscly hands and fingers due to hours, days, and weeks of practicing the instrument.

How to Learn Viola the Easier Way

If you are still in doubt if you can learn how to play the viola, the following tips will surely help:

  1. Focus. Good concentration is the key to learning new things. Beginners must know how to focus so that they can make progress little by little after practice.
  1. Do 10-20 minutes practice daily. You don’t need to force yourself to play your viola longer than you can manage. At least 10 minutes is okay as long as you learn something new.
  1. Fail but never forget what you’ve learned. It’s normal to make mistakes as you learn to play viola. Your shortcomings, however, can be enough motivation to get better each day.
  1. Follow your teacher. No matter how hard it seems in the beginning, your teacher will guide you every step of the way so that you’ll develop your viola skills.
  1. Prioritize your practice schedule. You’re taking viola lessons because you want to learn this instrument. Therefore, you should make sure you attend your practice on a regular basis.
  1. Celebrate your progress. No matter how small, take time to celebrate your progress as a musician. After all, it’s a long way to go before you can become the best violinist in your area.
  1. Embrace changes. As you go through your lessons, you will learn other things in life. Do not be afraid to explore out of your comfort zone because that’s the best way to become a successful musician someday.

But what’s learning a viola if you don’t have a good quality instrument, right? Having the right kind of viola in your hands is really a great help for you to further enjoy playing the stringed instrument. It’s wise to choose the best viola for sale available online or from other stores to find the perfect match for you

While you consider these tips, enjoy the process and focus on your goals. Soon, you will understand the joy of playing viola despite the hardships of learning this instrument.

Rea Ragay