London-based MC Paris LoveChild’s name might ring a bell if you’ve seen her ‘Brass Band Bitches’ video or spotted her modeling recently. The rapper has an EP, an album, and a mixtape on the way and you can vote for her NSMC (No Sucka MC) submission ‘Stay Winning’ now through September 7th.

Take us back to your beginnings. How did you first become interested in music?

I am a singer/songwriter turned rapper and I have always been doing music. My first show was at the age of 3.

How do you feel the bands you were previously in shaped you into current Paris Love-Child self?

Massively. I wouldn’t be who I am now without them.

I’ve read that you have synesthesia, so you visualize sounds and colors. How does that effect your artistry and the way in which you construct a track?

Immensely. I see every sound, even the ones that aren’t part of the music.

What was the response like to your track ‘Brass Band Bitches’?

It was ok.


Seeing as though the video for ‘Brass Band Bitches’ was influenced by the 1998 film “Belly”, I was wondering, particularly, what other films visually inspire you?

That was it. Everything else comes from my own imagination.

Nas or DMX?

Lyrically Nas is better, but I just love DMX’s voice.

Which rappers and musicians do you find yourself looking up to?



If stuck on a desert island alone with a record player and one album, what would that album be?

Michael Jackson – ‘Bad‘.

Could you discuss the No Sucka MC’s track ‘Stay Winning’? What brought about the submission?

My manager.

You’ve promised a “big year” ahead for 2019, can you give our readers any hints at what might be next? Especially when it comes to your new releases.

So much music of all different genres and hella features.

Sarah Medeiros