After releasing a succesful debut album ‘Screaming from the Grave’ last year, Icelandic old school death machine Narthraal unleashed a new single ‘Baptized in Blood’.

The band comments:
“We are very happy with how well received our material has been, our EP’s, Blood Citadel and Chainsaw Killing Spree, our LP Screaming from the grave and
now our single.

We have been trying our very best to keep the old school death metal alive and we are very happy to see so many others like ourselves out in the world. Of course we also try to go a little outside the traditional OSDM style, like with our single
“Baptized in Blood”, we went for a little death/doom motif.

It’s actually pretty funny, we were just brainstorming various ideas for a new song and then we decided to revisit some very old riffs we each made years ago that never really made sense on their own, but when put together they made complete sense! Then the song title suddenly came to our vocalist when he was in catholic mass, so he sat down and wrote down the lyrics describing a satanic cult performing ritualistic sacrifice.

We didn’t expect the song to come out so well, but we are very glad that it did!
And now we’re just brainstorming song after song for our next full length album!
We think it’s going to be in some ways similar and other ways very different from what we have done so far, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone!”

“Baptized in Blood” is available on all digital platforms worldwide.

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