Ocean Of Grief is a Greek melodic doom/death metal band formed in 2014 in Athens, by Giannis Koskinas (bass) and Filippos Koliopanos (guitars). After the addition of Charalampos Oikonomopoulos (vocals), Aris Nikoleris (keyboards), Thomas Motsios (drums), and Dimitra Zrakadoula (guitars), they released their first EP ‘Fortress Of My Dark Self‘ in early 2016. Their musical influences among others are My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Slumber.

I have listened to quite a few debut albums and this one really got my attention, because it could  easily be an official work of a band which have already some albums in its discography. It is a typical EP of its genre, which serves the doom metal roots in a sufficient way, using melodic death elements expressed with great riffs and guitar solos. The dark atmosphere strengthens with the very good deep and heavy growling vocals. All of these are performed professionally, a sign that Ocean Of Grief is here to offer us stuff of good quality.

Later within 2016, they released the track ‘After A Long Time‘ as a single. It is in the same pattern as the EP. Ocean Of Grief sound romantically dark and bleak and I think anyone can recognize their potential to create amazing stuff in the future. Highly recommended for the fans of the genre!

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Photo credits: Lefteris Gaitanios

Mary Kalaitzidou