Another surprise from Greece is here..

It was 2015, when the Greek sister-brother duo of Angeliki and Serafim Tsotsonis released a 4-track EP titled ‘Chamber Dreams‘, a bouquet of  atmospheric, shadowy dream pop-electronica songs.

After ‘Chamber Dreams‘, they worked on their debut album at Angeliki’s home, located at the seaside town of Nerantza on the Corinthian Gulf, and at Serafim’s studios in Athens.

Their debut album was finally released on Hush Hush Records on May 25th, 2018 and it’s like a cool breeze around our feelings.

If you want to listen to modern, full of energy songs that visit synth/dream pop electronica paths, just press ‘play’. Alarming, marvelous synth riffs of ‘Devotion‘ open the album in an impressive way! Fantastic, rhythmic, lustful and catchy; an electro-pop anthem! One of the great highlights of this summer. ‘My baby‘ and ‘Black Dress‘ are mid-tempo pretty melodic while ‘American Nights‘  is rhythmic and spicy. ‘Juliet‘ presents a warm, sentimental down tempo heavenly song, a melancholic masterpiece. Holy Bound‘ is fast, atmospheric up tempo dream pop/indie pop with a crystal guitar riff.. Another excellent song. ‘Safe‘ is a rhythmic mid-tempo highlight. Ethereal vocals of ‘Angelica’, atmospheric guitars, full of inspiration and magical feelings… My favorite song of the album and surely one of the most awesome songs of 2018..

Rolling Days‘ is different from their debut EP ‘Chamber Dreams‘. Less misty, less quiet and hypnotic. Ocean Hope‘s latest gem presents a more direct and dynamic bass driven sound with dream-pop crystal guitar echoes, analog synths and kaleidoscopic overtones. It’s more fresh and brighter, catchy and seductive, more vibrant and enthusiastic. A fantastic debut, definitely one of the most fabulous and joyful albums of 2018.

A summer’s must!

Theodoros Rentesis