Novosti kulturi ‘Mono Οut‘ is the 10th Detriti Records release
Genre: Soviet Electro

Stanislav together with his now-wife Christine were the organizers of Moscow’s cult minimal synth/new beat/electro events called Waveform Moscow, behind which they were hyper active to bring to the Russian land numerous world’s major synth wave projects – Xeno & Oaklander, In Trance 95, ADN’ Ckrystall, Petra Flurr, Gertrud Stein, Velvet Condom, Soft Riot, Words And Actions – all these guys played their live shows at Waveform Moscow party series with support of numerous local synth punks.

Not to mention Stan’s “oldschool rave” alter-ego event series which were full of joy and freedom “like those days” with a fat massive acid/techno/rave/hardcore/younameit sound sauce! God bless those glorious years of instant eargasm partying 2011-14.

Apart of Waveform and Rave Cave times Stanislav was deep into the sound generating with vintage gears in his studio, at first as a part of Ruble Gang (they got 3 releases on vinyl and cassettes from German and Belgian labels (aufnahme + wiedergabe, Hertz-Schrittmacher, Romance Moderne), the band was warming up The Soft Moon during their gig in Moscow. Except this RG played numerous gigs in Riga, Berlin, Antwerp.

After the split of the band Stan continued sound engineering and recorded some musical experiments under numerous names, the most authentic are – kind of oldschool acid techno Acid Test and soviet “rise from the grave” electro-like Novosti Kulturi. Both projects had some gigs in Russia and outside, now are the part of the Detriti mafia crew!

Stanislav and his second half-part Christine have some future plans to add some visual adventures to his sound experiments creating unique concept and more. Also the guys will never be apart with their vinyls and records collection improving dj skills all the time. This perfect couple had already came up with a live and dj sets at their hometown’s Moscow most top club places and been on the road (St. Petersburg, Kiev, Riga’s LMA Festival, Berlin’s Death Disco & Zurück Zum Beton parties and Antwerp’s famous Waveteef) etc., etc..

Album Teaser: