Norma Loy1

Norma Loy, the French cult cold wave / post-punk band are going to release a new album on 6th June this year via Unknown Pleasures Records. The title of the album is ‘Baphomet and they have shared the first four songs (‘Baphomet Sunrise’, ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Freak‘ and ‘Altamond’) on Bandcamp, along with the full tracklist of 15 songs, and the CD cover as well. It sounds dark and ritual combined with a lot of other influences, a typical songwriting method by the band.

Norma Loy, a pioneering group of musicians, is led by vocalist Chelsea Reed and keyboardist Usher Shield, who never came up with a constant team of musicians as a band, letting the line-up depend on the kind and the needs of each album. Since their first release, back in 1983, ‘Romance‘, they have worked with plenty of musicians as contributors to their music, always following their plan in experimental music that made them a cult name in the French cold wave, dividing from the dominant English post-punk style in the early 80’s. This year’s ‘Baphomet, is their awaited LP release, the first since 2011’s two-track ‘(I Hate you) Heroin.

Mike Dimitriou