It has been a long time since Fields Of The Nephilim casted their latest darkness upon the music universe. Carl McCoy had never rushed into publishing music, in order to struggle for the Nephilim reputation, he always took time to compose and produce his inner musical reality. Fields Of the Nephilim have been active since 1984 and have released only 6 L.P.’s , 2 Live L.p. ‘s , 3 E.P. ‘s and few singles. They need to have something really good and  distinctive in handy, that it will automatically become their new shining darkstar. Time shows that after a while, the music they release is becoming a classic diamond in their course and a banner to the Gothic dominion. Earlier in 2016 they recorded ‘Prophecy‘ a single, published in iTunes, informing in few words that, other formats will be announced shortly…’Prophecy‘ is following ‘Mourning Sun‘ back in 2005 and it already sounds pioneering in Gothic Rock/Metal. Fields of the Nephilim are aging and becoming better in each chapter they turn, darker, wilder and heavier. ‘Prophecy‘ is molded in the raging, uncompromising gothic fantasy of Carl McCoy, blended with the guitar work of Gav King who takes the music in a more chaotic overdrive, runned by the drums of Lee Newell. It is surprisingly groovy and sharp-riffed that leads to more metallic paths, with McCoy singing over the music as a preacher telling the prophecy, guiding the listener into the Nephilim. Melodies and effects are on, outfitting the music as an original anthem of the band’s expected art. Only few artists in Gothic have McCoy’s vision that has inspired a lot of groups. I believe that ‘Prophecy‘ is only the first taste of the grapes that Fields Of the Nephilim are preparing somewhere in a recording studio. It will shake your feet to dance, it will make you scream , and then you will replay it.

Mike Dimitriou