Eerie drones, oscillations from the ether, distorted dark matter, signals from other dimensions… The music of Sonologyst fluctuates between scientific sonic documentaries and psychedelic abstraction, illuminated by early experimentation of the 50’s and 60’s, as well as future possibilities of the electronic and electro-acoustic.

Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers)‘ is inspired by the testimonies of those who have had contact with the so-called “Silencers” or “Men in Black”. Federal agents? Aliens? International conspirators?

Sonologyst makes a documentary in music, including spy tech, declassified documents, official recordings, control techs, secreted scientific information, CIA Deep Black Programs, NASA classified tapes, Secret societies and breakaway civilization hypotheses.

Recommended for those who follow the nebulous paths of Inade, Schloss Tegal, Bad Sector, Lustmord.

Presented in a digipak with booklet.

Releases April 23, 2018

Sonologyst: electric guitar, dronin, electronics, sound processing.
Mastering: Martin Bowes 
Cover image by Danila Tkachenko