Neoclassical Suite is a column that will present 7 recent, distinctive tracks of the neoclassical-modern classical-contemporary -and beyond!- music field. 

Note: All Bio/about sections provided/written by the artists.

The Players

Niclas Tamas

(crossover classical, orchestral)

“Classically trained and passionately devoted, Hungarian composer Niclas Tamas excels in the creative realm.

Backed by years of experience as a pianist, composer and programmer, Niclas’ unique approach delivers a spellbinding arena of vastly contemplative escapism.

Influenced by Chopin and Rachmaninoff as much so as Brian Eno, Vangelis and Kraftwerk, Niclas’ deeply moving Music Landscapes and piano music emerge from a place of curiosity and unwavering skill.

With six Music Landscapes on Spotify and seven more expected and piano pieces premiering in spring 2022, Niclas’ commitment to music has been a constant thread of identity.

Despite difficulties, from crippling stage fright to recovering from a severe stroke, composing has proven a lifeline. As such, the music speaks volumes, connecting for its imaginative qualities as much so as its profoundly human reflections.” (Niclas Tamas)

Thomas Mann Jr.

(performed by Juventas New Music Ensemble)


“Thomas Mann graduated with a B.A. in Music at Texas State University with a focus on piano and composition and completed his Master of Music in Composition in December, 2018. Mann is currently Director of Orchestras and Classical Guitar Ensembles as well as the Fine Arts Department Chair at W. Charles Akins High School in the Austin Independent School District of Texas. Mann is a board member of The National Association of Composers, USA-Texas Chapter as well as an active member of several other organizations and associations. He plays Piano, Hammond Organ, Rhodes, Guitar, and Bass in several genres and with various artists around Texas. Along with teaching and live performances, he does studio work, arranging and composing for pop, jazz, and modern works. Mann has played with many popular artists nationally and throughout Texas and has experience on large stages, opening for National and International acts as well as experience performing and conducting art music.

Mann has written and premiered pieces at conferences across the country and has won composition competitions at the University and Professional Organization level. His catalog of compositions has been rapidly expanding and gaining attention, notably a set of art songs that have had repeat calls for performances and the coming release of a non-traditional quartet piece with PARMA recordings. He studied with composition professors Dr. Thomas Clark, Dr. Michael Ippolito, Richard Hall, and Dr. Russell Reipe along with acclaimed pianist Dr. Washington Garcia at Texas State University, and Dr. Bruce Pennycook of the University of Texas.

As Mann continues to compose music and pedagogy for his orchestras along with popular, commercial, and contemporary music, he always tries to keep his grasp beyond his reach and strives to be as well rounded and disciplined in music as possible while driving for more knowledge and ability without sacrificing creativity in performance, composition, and teaching practices..” (Thomas Mann Jr.)


(neoclassical, ambient)

“BPMoore (Ben Moore) is an English composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer
based in London, United Kingdom. Heavily influenced by The Cure, The Prodigy, Nine
Inch Nails, Lau, and Talk Talk, his music blends new age and neoclassical
instrumentation with the sounds of ambient, post-punk, and pop.

His new EP was in response to, and inspired by, ‘My Heart is a Little Wild Thing’, a new novel by Nigel Featherstone, which was published in May 2022 by Ultimo Press / Hardie Grant.” (BPMoore)


(ambient, neoclassical)

“”primitiveFootsteps” is a solo project by Japan-based electro musician & painter Masakazu Anai..” (primitiveFootsteps)

Counting Waves

(neoclassical, solo piano)

“Composer David Serra is a classically trained pianist and melodist living in Toronto, Canada. His recording project is called Counting Waves.” (Counting Waves)

Luis Paul

(neoclassical, cinematic)

“- Every person has his or her own stories –

and all too often they could just as easily come from a movie. The only thing missing is the music. Ludwig Paul Karsch aka Luis Paul wants to capture exactly such moments, stories and associated feelings with his compositions and give them what they deserve in retrospect – The film music of life.

Thus, the Berliner tells with his album “Rebirth” about a whole series of different moments – from the great love, a dancing farewell, resistance and struggles to acceptance and finally rebirth. The song “Transience” musically addresses the transience of life, and “Fading Memories” tells of blurring memories of people who were once close to you. It is music with a lot of depth, which frees imagination, fantasy and memories from their twilight sleep in every listener and gives them room to unfold. With a lot of love, the studied music producer and composer creates touching sound worlds that would have felt just as comfortable in one or the other film genre and can be classified somewhere between well-known film scores by John Williams, Hans Zimmer and the more reduced soulful songs by Ludovico Einaudi or Yann Tiersen. (Luis Paul)

José Tornada

(neoclassical, epic music)

“Hi, this is José. Thanks for stopping by. I started composing music on the piano when I was 9 years old influenced by 90´s Japanese video games. 20 years later I´m releasing my first works. My hope is for my music to touch you in some way. Xo José.” (José Tornada)

The Music

Christos Doukakis