Neoclassical Suite is a column that will present 7 recent, distinctive tracks of the neoclassical-modern classical-contemporary -and beyond!- music field. 

Note: All Bio/about sections provided/written by the artists.

The Players


(modern classical, solo piano)

“Flashsonic is an emerging New Age / Neo-Classical instrumental composer and recording artist. She developed her passion for classical music at a young age playing the piano and cello. Quickly she started to write her own contemporary instrumental music resembling the style of new age artists such as Yanni, Yiruma, Kevin Kern, Jim Brickman and Brian Crain.

Still at early stage of her recording artist career, Flashsonic showed a great feel for crafting beautiful melodies and cinematic sound. In November 2022, she released her debut single titled “Stars” in both the full instrumental version and piano only version . She plans to release a full album of peaceful new-classical piano pieces in 2023.

Flashsonic’s new age instrumental music is created to inspire hope, harmony, tranquility and uplifting spirit in her listeners. Whether for study break, background or driving home, her music will help recharge your mind and body when you need a little positive vibe.” (Flashsonic)

Eamonn Watt

(neoclassical, solo piano)

“My name is Eamonn Watt, aka The Virtual Conductor and I’m the one and only composer for Virtually Conducted Productions! I’m 29 years old and I live in the Shetland Islands, the most northern isles of the UK. I have received a First Class Applied Music Degree from the University of the Highlands and Islands in August 2016 . Along with composition, I am a drummer and percussionist of many genres. I’ve performed in rock bands, heavy metal bands, funk bands and traditional Scottish music sessions. I started making compositions during my last years in high school in 2010 and became fully realised in 2012 during my first year in college where I created my debut virtual classical album, Bonhoga. I successfully launched this album at the Bonhoga Gallery where it received high amounts of acclaim from music fans ranging from classical music lovers to heavy metal enthusiasts.” (Eamonn Watt)

Karen Salicath Jamali

(neoclassical, solo piano, cinematic)

“Karen is a Professional Multi Award-winning Composer, Pianist & Professional American Artist for the last 30 years, born in Denmark. Lives in New York and Florida. She has performed solo at Carnegie Hall, New York, eight times with her music. The Album “Hope of Angels” and “Sound of Angels ” was up for the Grammy® Consideration 2021 & 2022 “‘Hope of Angels’ is a breakthrough in inspirational music writing – it is Karen Salicath at her absolute best. The album itself is a refreshing new release in a music industry saturated with similar ideas and remixes. Karen Salicath Jamali truly stands apart as being one of the very few inventive minds in the industry, and this album makes her worthy of all the praise. Her soulful musical choices and tranquil mastery at the piano make this album so cathartic and impressive.” — Opera News May 4 2022 Music Story: It wasn’t until an accident caused a head injury and a near-death experience that Karen started to play music. Previously had never played the Piano, but the head injury amazingly opened up a new world, The accident occurred in 2012 after three years of recovery. She began to play and compose beautiful meditative music, which healed her. Created 7 Albums & 2500+ music compositions and is a many-time winner of American Protege competitions in Romantic Music, New Music talent, Piano -String Finalist for “Best Performance” & “Composers” by The American Prize year 2019 – 2021 3rd place winner 2021.” (Karen Salicath Jamali)

Stefan Vereen

(neoclassical, solo piano)

“I was born in Atlanta, Ga, 1995. I’m an experimental pianist, composer, and songwriter. First introduced to the piano at age three, I have experimented with folk music, blues, hip-hop, and jazz. My work is undoubtedly a combination of all my influences from Mozart to Monk, MF DOOM to McCoy Tyner.

In 2013, I worked in San Francisco, recording piano and organ for my brother Judson Vereen’s first demo. In 2014, I moved to San Francisco to continue developing my musical personality and compositions.

In 2017, I led a quartet in Oakland, playing my interpretations of jazz standards, pop tunes, and original work. Since then, I’ve continued to cross genres and form unlikely partnerships.

My most recent collaboration was formed in a dorm room at UC Berkeley with musician and producer Max Powers. We meet in a musical middle ground – involving electronic grooves and soulful melodies and we released our first songs in Spring 2019 under the moniker MPSV. Around the same time, I released my solo piano composition, “All I Have I Carry with Me”.

In September, I released my first self-produced album of instrumental works called “Forms of Coordination”. My second album of instrumental work is called “Nightly Bedroom Synthesis” and I take some more electronic ideas forward, but in a way that supports the piano.

Most recently, I have finished my curation of solo piano recordings from 2020-2022, “The Vista Recordings” and is it available on Bandcamp.

I currently live in Eugene, OR, and study at the University of Oregon. I plan to continue to release home demos, studio recordings and live performances on all platforms and various media independently, relying on the help of family, friends and a small (but growing) audience. (Stefan Vereen)

Jan Ove Fjeld

(neoclassical, solo piano)

“I find an energy in this sort of writing that makes me want to think, dream and write. It feels spiritual, honestly -Ear to the ground music- The composer and pianist really put his heart into equilibrium. You hear it with every key he plays. Enjoy the magic. -Music is my life-

Jan Ove Fjeld. b. 30 November 1979. Is a Norwegian composer/pianist/producer Genre, Modern classic, Minimalist, Soundtrack, Neo classical, Relaxing beautiful piano.

He also works close with Stream Of Self a more Rock inspired project by vocalist Peder Martinus.” (Jan Ove Fjeld)

Jade Ashtangini 

(modern classical, cinematic)

“Jade Ashtangini is a musical yogini, Modern Classical Pianist, Composer, Cellist, Yoga Mantra & Kirtan Chanter/Singer, Yoga Teacher, Photographer based in Dallas, the U.S. and Taiwan who loves music extremely. She has been classically trained since her childhood, the music composed by her is so soothing and graceful, some are even quite lively rhythms. Her music genres are modern classical, contemporary, minimalist, new age, classical crossover, ambient, yoga meditation, mantra/kirtan, and she sings for her own songs sometimes.

Her singles, “Mother Earth is Calling,” “Life As It Is,” “Long Time Sun(Instrumental) ” and “猫のぬくもり” have been featured on editorial station such as Relaxing, New Age Instrumental and AMP: Fresh Cuts by Pandora Music. What’s even more pleasing is that her latest single, “A Rainy Day in Temple” has been also featured on Spotify editorial playlists of “cottagecore piano,” and ” Rainy Day Piano.”

For Jade Ashtangini personally, music is the greatest spiritual nourishment in life, and she enjoys being immersed in the beautiful music of her daily life. She loves to compose calming piano, cello & spiritual yoga music for people to practice yoga, meditate, study or simply just to relax. Do enjoy her seductive music while you’re listening to music.” (Jade Ashtangini)

Tobias Wenger

(neoclassical, new age)

“Tobias Wenger first came into contact with a piano at the age of seven and since then this great instrument has always been a constant in his life. Many roads led away but always back to music. Today Tobias has a group of talented students to whom he passes on his knowledge and as a pianist with his own compositions he is in great demand in the music market. Whether Tobias is learning new techniques or improving musically, music has always been his greatest passion and personal growth is part of that. Take a look at Tobias’ past experiences to understand what he has achieved so far and how his music touches people. Music bypasses the mind and directly hits the heart. This is what best applies to his work. (Tobias Wenger)

The Music

Christos Doukakis