Need is a progressive metal band formed initially in 2004 in Athens. The current line-up took its form in 2006, when Need released their debut album ‘The Wisdom Machine’ (Burning Star Records). The success came immediately followed by the band playing in big stages in Europe and the USA. In January, they released their fourth album ‘Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom’, which they will present at KYTTARO Live Club in Athens, on April 21st.

Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom’ has been making its journey since January and the reception is very positive! How do you feel about your new “child”? Are there moments after a release when you feel “something’s missing”? I am asking simply out of curiosity. Your talent is obvious and the new album is exceptional.

Ravaya: We feel rather content and thanks for asking Mary. There’s always something missing right? Well not really in this case but I would also say the same thing for all our previous works. They are what they are in their own sense. An honest representation of where we are at a certain point in time. We have moved from Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom since its release and therefore the things that have changed will hopefully be depicted in our next release. Thank you for the notion about talent being obvious although I have a hard time defining what talent really is to be honest. But thank you nonetheless.

It seems to me that in your four albums you experiment around the progressive sound. Could you say that your albums have a theme in a musical/technical point of view, or is it a result of your musical influences?

Ravaya: I think every album has a theme or should have in the broader sense. Technical issues do not interest me other than the end product being easily audible so that the listener can get a sense of what we are trying to communicate each time. As far as musical influences are concerned I think that’s a narrow point of view in the sense that whatever we do as human beings is in a large portion the result of every influence we have in life. If you couple that with imagination and each individual’s personal filter you get an interesting creation hopefully.

In extension to the previous question, I found ‘Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom’ very emotional. A Dream Theater-y atmosphere, with deep philosophical lyrics, which the way I interpret them, are about our place on earth and even in the whole universe. Can you tell us more about the concept of the album?

Ravaya: Well, your observations are quite nice so I wouldn’t like to spoil anything for anyone. It may sound backward but I think what we do is quite simple and as far as lyrics it seems that when things are written with simplicity in mind many people perceive the outcome as deep and maybe philosophical, like you did, which is interesting. I think the end line of ‘Alltribe’ –all is one is all is one is– kind of is a nice summation of the whole though.

If I am correct, there are four official videos for this album: ‘Rememory’, ‘Alltribe’, ‘Riverthane’ and ‘I.O.T.A.’. Did you collaborate with their creators in order to have this visual result or did you give them the freedom to come up with the ideas listening to the tracks?

Ravaya: A little bit of both. ‘Rememory’’s video is the most hands-on one with myself doing most of the writing in close collaboration with Haris Kountouris. ‘Alltribe’ is inspired by the initial teamwork and Haris did a lot of stuff on his own. As far as ‘Riverthane’ and ‘I.O.T.A.Giannis Kaimakamis a longtime friend and supporter of the band worked mostly on his own guided by the material.

Could you tell us about the female vocals in the album, which result in a very dreamy atmosphere?

Ravaya: Sapfo Stavrides who’s been a friend of mine for many-many years did wonderful work on ‘Rememory’, ‘Tilikum’ and ‘Hegaiamas’. Sapfo lives in Norway, we talked, she flew here and surprised everyone with her ideas and approach to the melodies. Great asset for the album. A big pleasant surprise really.

You have shared the stage with great bands and artists, such as Candlemass, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Symphony X, among others. In addition, there is a big appreciation of your work from the foreign audience. Were you prepared of this acceptance which came almost immediately since your debut album?

Ravaya: Well it kind of didn’t come from the debut album to be honest. ‘Orvam:A Song For Home’ was the album that made us known to a relatively wider audience. No we weren’t prepared for it and are always grateful for the nice things that come our way.


Is Need a full-time job for you?

Ravaya: If you’re interested in my tax return form it says actor but Need is a full-life job for me.

You are appearing live at KYTTARO Live Club in Athens on April 21st, where you will be presenting the new album. Is this your first live since the release of ‘Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom’?

Ravaya: No, we had the privilege to open for the mighty Fates Warning on the 12th of February at Gagarin. That was a great show. But on April 21st we’ll be playing Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom in full. Should be interesting.

Are there other bookings yet for live shows the following months?

Ravaya: We’ll be touring over North America with Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms and Ascendia for a month starting in May.

Thank you very much for your time! Feel free to close this interview.

Ravaya: Thank you Mary and for your interest in our band. We hope all the readers enjoy Hegaiamas:A Song For Freedom. Cheers!!!

Mary Kalaitzidou