‘Praise the Greek extreme metal underground scene’. If someone wanted to title this interview with Necrochakal’s Bestial Invocator this would be the right phrase. Just 3 days left remaining for the u/g metal event “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.” at 8ball (Thessaloniki, Greece) and those of you who just don’t follow trends & commercials in metal music. should definitely read this one.

Let’s start by introducing Necrochakal to our readers. When did you form, members and story of the band so far…

Hello and thanx for the invitation!! Necrochakal were formed in 2010 by Bestial Invocator and Ungod (Slaughtered Priest, Necrohell, Sad, Kvele). In the end of 2012 we released a split with Slaughtered Priest, some months later a split with U.S. black thrashers Terrorist and in the fall of 2014 A.B. ‘Profanation Of The Gods’ ep! Our latest recording was last year’s one with our most extreme and raw stuff called ‘Trampling The Holy Gospels’ ep too!

Tell us a few words about your latest black/ thrash “beast” ‘Trampling The Holy Gospels’. It was released again via Fistbang Records, a well-reputed, underground Greek metal label…

Yes!! Fistbang is a good friend of mine and totally into the underground extreme sound so that’s why the band trusts him!! He released ‘Trampling The Holy Gospels’ ep in 100 copies in Europe in tape version and is already sold out.. Also, the South American Edition was released by Escafismo Recs.. A label from Argentina who is also good friend of us and this version is also sold out!! Fistbang also might release ‘Profanation Of The Gods’ ep on tape version with some bonus trax also in the beginning of 2017!!!

On 6th January you will be appearing at “Baptized In Black Blood Fest.”, along with three other significant underground metal bands. What are you going to present to the audience? Any new unreleased music?

No.. We will present the stuff that we already have!! The new unreleased stuff of the upcoming album is still in progress!

Which bands have defined Necrochakal’s sound and in what way?

The influences are so many and countless but those that I can remember now with a fast looking are Sarcofago, Sextrash, Possessed, Deicide, Sodom, Destruction, Bathory, Hellhammer and many more…

Do you believe that the black/thrash genre which you ‘serve’ is pushing metal, or even extreme metal to new territories? Or you just don’t care about this, and just play your music?

I don’t give a fuck!! Necrochakal is a band without boundaries…We play the music that we want and listen and that’s all!! Beyond all fashion and masses..

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have so far released two split 7’ ( one with Slaughtered Priest in 2012, the other with Terrorist in 2013). Which was the experience of these releases? Are you going to repeat this in the future?

If you mean to repeat some other splits in the near future probably yes!! We are friends with lots of bands from the underground scene worldwide and we discuss for some split release after our new album finally comes out! Regarding our 2 first split releases that I mentioned above, both of them are sold out as far as I know.. The experience was huge of course for a new band back in almost 3-4 years!

Ungod, one of Necrochakal’s members has been serving the Greek black metal underground with numerous releases, through various projects. Are you both involved with other bands for the time being or is it just Necrochakal?

Yes totally!! Ungod is a good friend for sure and he is into metal in general countless years!! Not only black metal!! He also has numerous releases with his bands all those years!! He doesn’t belong to the band anymore as a composer ’cause of luck of time and the other bands but he still remains good friend!!As about myself, I might get involved in new projects within 2017 but Necrochakal always, is and will be my first Priority!!


A tricky one now! On your fb page, you write: ‘Go fuck commercial – Go fuck trends!!!’. Do you believe that this “antimarketing” attitude will help you progress as a band, or is it just an ‘underground’ game?

Yes!! Not only on fb page but on the ‘Profanation Of The Gods’ release also!! This is the philosophy, ideology and moto of this band!!! This band was created to pay tribute to those who Made This Fuckin Music Underground, Aggressive and totally Anti-Mass!! The bands we adore to listen from the 80’s and 90’s!! I don’t personally give a fuck about underground games etc etc.. Whoever wants can hear and enjoy Necrochakal’s music!! If not I don’t care!!! Besides, this music is not for many “listeners”…Only for true real underground bangers!!!! AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN!!!!GO FUCK THE TRENDS GO FUCK THE COMMERCIAL!!

Which are your future plans? Maybe a tour abroad within 2017? Releasing a 2nd album?

Within 2017 the upcoming album will be released which will be called ‘Bestial Orgies In The Temple Of Belial’!! We are working on it to have the best result.. It must be totally aggressive and powerful!! And of course, after the release of the album we will look forward to play some concerts abroad!!

A message from Necrochakal to our readers…

Support the Underground bands and Defile the Name of the False Messiahs whatever is their name!!!! Keep The good job Mr. Doukakis and keep doing  good job for!!!

Photo credits: Clepsydra Photography (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis