1. Sun, Rain In Life – ‘Stool
We, as Sun, rain in life, felt the imperative need to redefine the term and meaning of life, as an obligation to ourselves. This led us on a journey…”. This is how the grunge alternative rockers from Athens Sun, Rain In Life introduce themselves in their website. On May 21st they shared their video clip for the song ‘Stool’ from their debut full length album ‘96/4‘, which I have to admit it was for me a extremely pleasant surprise. The album was recorded at Devasoundz studio, engineered and co-produced along with the band by Fotis Bernando (ex – Septic Flesh, SixforNine), mixed by Steve Evetts and mastered by Alan Douches at West west side music.

96/4‘ is a concept album and part of the band’s effort to explore the tracks of man’s self-knowledge and his struggle to reach individual liberation. The big thing isn’t though that Sun, Rain In Life have very interesting philosophical wanderings. Is that they clothe these wanderings with great music! I sure hope that we will hear more of them in the future! For the time being enjoy ‘Stool’. You can listen the rest of the album ‘96/4 at the band’s website.

Yiannis Apostolopoulos


  1. Pierce Warnecke – ‘Recursive Sedimentation Of Thoughts’

Recursive Sedimentation Of Thoughts’ is taken from the debut LP by Spain-based recorder Pierce Warneche and is one of the highlights of the album. Τhis is ambient noir and experimental music —needless to say it’s catchy in a good way, not only for fans of kraut symphonic music, but for all of you who keep an ear out for good music!

John Pallas


  1. Casuistry – ‘So Far’

Detroit is not only techno and soul music nowadays; a bunch of artists are making waves around the goth/dark music circles.

One in particular stands out, along with his mate Jeff Hudson’s OLMS project, for the intriguing, exciting, prolific and always better releases:  the young talented musician Dante Palomba under the Casuistry moniker.

So far’ is a preview from the upcoming new album ‘Pathogen’ (his fifth one in less than two years I think!). An enchanted hypnotic synth patterns over a tormented wistful voice… pure darkwave bliss!

The darkest side of the Motor City is calling, don’t miss out!

Fabrizio Lusso


  1. Druhá Smrt – ‘Constancy’

Constancy’ is the opening track of ‘Mythologem‘, the fifth album by Druhá Smrt. The duo have released one of the most refined and mystical albums on Sombre Soniks. Their brand of dark ritual ambient takes us into the depths of our own minds, clawing at the soul and breathing life into the darkest recesses of our imaginations. ‘Constancy’ conjures images of some dark and stormy landscape, covered in ancient structures, revered by those who came long before us. They present to us a brilliant aural treat, which should not be overlooked.

Michael Barnett


  1. Garbage – ‘Even Though Our Love Is Doomed’

The song whose lyrics gave the title to the new Garbage album is the ‘Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)’ of this generation. Is that a bold statement?

Early into the song, it sounds fragile, painful; there is a quiet desperation here; something hurt that is set on getting on no matter the hardships or how futile it looks on the outside— and that’s where the strength is hidden. So, just before the first chorus, this mood is slightly altered. There is a readiness to make one’s uniqueness accepted and respected. There’s lust for life and an urge to survive.

This song describes the core of our existence, what gives fire to our being. And this is the capacity — and the audacity above all — to love and be loved, united in our weirdness, struggling for a better tomorrow knowing it all leads to an inescapable end.

Debbie Maliotaki


Compiled by Yiannis Apostolopoulos, John Pallas,  Fabrizio Lusso, Michael Barnett & Debbie Maliotaki