1. Seasurfer– ‘By The River

The brand new song ‘By The River’ by Hamburg’s Seasurfer new LP ‘Under The Milky Way… Who Cares‘ was released on 30 March via Saint Marie Records. A brilliant melodic, shoegaze tune, noisey and dreamy, or is it dreampunk? Spoken word also melodic vocals, upon a shoegazing guitar craft, that rule over a dreamy but “violent” atmosphere. All these amazed me, so here is one of the most fascinating songs for the week!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. AFFECTVS & Lamia Culta – ‘Luna Sacra, Luna Atra

Continuing on the theme of last week’s submission. ‘Luna Sacra, Luna Atra‘ his another dark and irreligious musical gem. This track is an ode to the moon in its sacred and darkest form. AFFECTVS & Lamia Culta have composed an album which takes the ritual ambient elements to their greatest extreme.

AFFECTVS composes brilliantly diverse forms of ritual ambient sound. Incorporating earth-shaking drones, pristine field recordings, and many traditional instruments such as guitar, chimes and the like, AFFECTVS keeps the foundation of the album diverse and entertaining. Meanwhile, Lamia Culta uses every ounce of energy in her vocals. She conducts a dark ritual, which encompasses the entirety of the album. Her vocals easily move from whispers to shrieking screams to guttural growls and everything in between. ‘Luna Sacra, Luna Atra‘ is one of the more suppressed and musical tracks on Blessing from the Darkness. A track where Lamia Culta is able to showcase some of her more traditional and beautiful singing. This is not an album for the religious-minded or faint of heart. This is darkness at its apex.

Michael Barnett

  1. Slowdive – ‘Sugar For The Pill

The second single from the one of the most anticipated shoegaze & dream pop albums of the year is officially out.  Our ever  favorites Slowdive just shared their new song ‘Sugar For The Pill‘ with its chaotic video.  The absolutely atmospheric audio charms the listeners from the first few seconds till the very last ones. While the video magnetizes the viewer with full or empty shapes like cubes and squares, spheres and circles to alternate sequentially with the band’s members.  The new song certifies that the after 22 years Slowdive’s new album will be sufficiently good or even equally good with their legendary albums from the past.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Sarah P. – ‘Who Am I

Berlin based artist Sarah P., released ‘Who Am I‘ official video single out of the self-titled debut LP, coming in May. The song is an intelligent pop tune with lots of housey elements, carefully arranged in the whole indie pop arrangement. She has a wonderful voice “with character”, and combined with the artistic filming of the video, actually nailed me! Such an alternative art “experiment” shouldn’t be hidden, especially when we talk about original talent. Hint, you’ll repeat it for sure, enjoy!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Beat Bizarre – ‘Blown To Smithereens’

13 minutes of mesmerizing beats, hypnotic trance, lysergic vocals, and an addictive production that overwhelms the listener from the initial seconds. Dedicated trance label Iboga Records and Beat Bizarre offer ‘Blown To Smithereens‘ and we stir up to eternal dance… Til collapse…

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Mike Dimitriou, Michael Barnett, Eleftheria Gesou & Christos Doukakis