1. Dødsmaskin– ‘Heksetimen

The new album by Dødsmaskin takes listeners to a horrifingly dark place in western world history. The witch trials of the 17th century were the catalyst of much pain, suffering, and anxiety. Dødsmaskin showcases the trials of the northern parts of Norway. The track ‘Heksetimen‘ (The Witching Hour in English) is a dark post-industrial cinematic experience, taking the listener right into the inner circle of the witch coven of Norwegian Finnmark. ‘Heksetimen‘ features deep drones which shake the foundations of the Earth. As the track proceeds, hauntingly malignant field recordings give the listener a further sense of dread. Ghastly voices percolate through this thick texture, leading us into the depths of a cacophonous maelstrom of industrial noise. Those of faith will want to hold their crosses tight, and beg their god for forgiveness after bearing witness to these malevolent proceedings.

Michael Barnett

  1. Scanner – ‘Phenol Captiva

We are already in spring and summer is approaching and to commemorate its arrival, Scanner has given us a new pearl.

A minimal experimental track. ‘Phenol Captiva‘. This little gem is accompanied by a sublime video that refers to summer landscapes of the 80s, where warm colors of palm trees and the music take us into a unique journey, where summer is perpetual. Where time stops itself and falls asleep with these magical notes.

Antonio Cristofaro

  1. Feist – ‘Pleasure

The multi award winner Feist (full name Leslie Feist), after six years of absence is back with the new single ‘Pleasure‘ more indie rock than ever and little in a punkish mood while keeping  in some level the baroque aesthetics. Feist’s new album is expected  to be officially out on April 28 via Interscope Records.

The indie pop  Canadian singer-songwriter, who is also member of the indie rock band-collective Broken Social Scene, has collaborated for the anticipated new album with Pulp‘s frontman Jarvis Cocker, Beck‘s keyboardist Brian LeBarton, for one more time with the musician and producer Mocky and with the latin Grammy Award winner Renaud LeTang.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Heat Wave – ‘The Man

Melbourne-based DIY synth-punk/post punk duo of Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt (also Astral Skulls) are going to release their utterly fantastic debut limited cassette album ‘Dead Beats’ via the Psychic Hysteria zine/label.

The Man‘ is a brief funny wicked duet lead by driving drum machine beats and a filthy bassline, as if Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson (of The B52’s) link-up had happened in the bratty and punky late 70’s instead in the bland an uninspiring 2000’s.  Paraphrasing a my fave old Tindersticks song ‘A sassy marriage made in punk heaven!

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Rising Appalachia – ‘Rivermouth’

Rivermouth‘ is the latest song to come from folk group Rising Appalachia, whose most recent album, ‘Wider Circles‘, was released in 2015. The melody sweetly takes you in, luring you with the “sugar” in the voices of Chloe and Leah Smith, and treating you to a love song that ebbs and flows like the oceans’ tides. At once intriguing and comforting, something that warms you to the core with memories long forgotten. ‘Rivermouth‘ and its accompanying video, featuring a water conjurer (it’s not every day you see that) bring awareness to waterkeepers worldwide as Rising Appalachia partner with Waterkeeper Alliance, the largest and fastest growing nonprofit solely focused on clean water.

Sarah Medeiros

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Antonio Cristofaro, Eleftheria Gesou, Fabrizio Lusso & Sarah Medeiros