JIMMY EDGAR, the techno musician based out of Detroit, especially known for his erotic funk-tinged grooves, has a new cruncher out in the form of ‘METAL‘. Clocking in at over three minutes the SOPHIE collab is everything you could ask of this pair getting together, like biscuits & gravy or thunder & lightning, the electronic artists mesh both their worlds seamlessly. And don’t think those similes were being used merely for the sake of it! The track is rather flashy and reverberating like a storm, and well, maybe the biscuits and gravy was just a simile. Be sure to check out Edgar’s newly released collaboration with Danny BrownGET UP‘ as well.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Still Corners – ‘The Last Exit’

And it’s a shame that I had to disappear
The last exit..”

Inspired by the desert, ‘The Last Exit‘ beautifully prepares us  for the 5th Still Corners‘ album, out January 21, 2021 via Wrecking Light.
Deep, warm sound, rhythmic and guitar driven.. A bittersweet gorgeous refrain, and an inspired piano ending, lead us to the melancholy of empty roads.. David Lynch & The Walkabouts are smiling somewhere in the corner.. Still corners? Still Magic Corners..

Theodoros Rentesis

  1. Höstblod – ‘Winter’ (Tori Amos Cover)

Tori Amos’ ‘Winter‘ is arguably one of the most enchanting songs of the ‘90s and Swedish folk-black metal band Höstblod released a stripped brooding cover this past week for a compilation benefiting Aureole, Drown, and Tchornobog member Markov Soroka’s father who had a heart attack this the summer. Other contributions feature artists such as Despondent Moon, Mare Cognitum, Sallow Moth, and Wærloga.

On ‘Winter‘ Höstblod teases, promising you a change-up midway and then doesn’t deliver, yet somehow the track is still a dalliance worth the listen.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. True Faith – ‘Waiting on the Wrong Time’

The debut single ‘Waiting on the Wrong Time‘ and video by the Boston-based duo consisting of Travis Benson and Quentin Moyer, True Faith, (bet their name is an ode to New Order’s synth-pop hymn of the same name) is an astonishing blend of coldwave, post punk and shoegaze. It’s taken from their upcoming full-length LP on A La Carte Records, and we simply cannot hide our eager for this! Stay tuned for more since our notorious 9+1 Q&A with the duo will get published soon!

For the time being, play this at full blast!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Occult X – ‘Love’

Last but not least, we have a spanking song about ‘the emotions you go through when breaking up with someone. The memories you made and the pain of moving on..‘ by American outfit Occult X, with an addictive, “Hooky” bassline, and a fine blend of shoegaze-y, lo-fi rock with post punk. Utterly catchy and unmissable… Love!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros, Theodoros Rentesis & Christos Doukakis