1. The Soft Pink Truth – ‘Multinationella Mördare’ (Totalitär cover)

Originally by Swedish hardcore punk band Totalitär, ‘Multinationella Mödare‘ is the latest oddity released by MatmosDrew Daniel’s side project The Soft Pink Truth. Featured on a crusty punk covers LP ‘Am I Free To Go?‘, SPT’s version of ‘Multinationella Mödare‘ contains multiple layers of electronica one might hear in the midst of playing a video game circa 2003, and samples of reporters speaking on the injustices of the Amazon corporation, along with an emergency phone call.

The classic crusty punk covers album is name-your-price and “all profits after paying out due/requested royalties from the original artists will go to the International Anti-Fascist Legal Defence Fund, which assists people all around the world with the legal repercussions of protesting fascism.” Definitely check it out!

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Club Intl – ‘Crush’

Crush‘ is the debut result of Public Access TV frontman / Be Your Own Pet drummer John Eatherly and Johnny Jewel (of the Chromatics, Desire, etc) hanging out in an East Village basement studio, naming the project Club Intl.

Released via the Italians Do It Better label, ‘Crush‘ sounds classically in Johnny Jewel’s production wheelhouse: 80s electronic synths, moments that make you want to spin around a room with a cigarette in one hand (whether you smoke or not) and fall gracefully into a pile of purple pillows. Specifically purple. Eatherly’s vocals tie the track exploring excitement of the unknown electrical force that is a crush, together in a streamlined bow.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Mr. Eyeballs  – ‘Atom Bomb’

What could fantastically happen if Glenn Danzig, ever drank the magic garage rock potion, may give a clue of how Mr. Eyeballs‘ ‘Atom Bomb‘ sounds like. Yup, the vocal performance reminded me a lot of the legend, but there is more to the plot; See these heaps are inspired by ‘classic punk songs which mix 50’s style rock and roll riffs with power chords‘ and thank God, they sound totally unaffected by the ‘pandemic’ lockdown/quarantine! Prepare yourselves for megatons of garage-punk energy…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Pizza Daddy – ‘Too Many Boyfriends’

I simply adore the impeccable, slacker indie style meets surf rock vibes wrapped up in a dream pop ‘parcel’, in the latest track by Pizza Daddy, ‘Too Many Boyfriens‘. The project’s founding members Ross Pearce & Mike Stothard take a break from BOYS, and judging by this gem it’s for good.

The band’s statement regarding the single is that ‘the song was written about a friend of ours who was dating a girl he really liked, but he kept mentioning he felt like she was dating other people behind his back and had ‘Too Many Boyfriends’. He was doing exactly the same behind her back so we didn’t understand where he was coming from, in the end it all worked out fine and they are now officially together‘.


Christos Doukakis

  1. Apollo Complex – ‘Skydreamer’

Skydreamer‘ is the latest offering by Swedish act Apollo Complex, a highly atmospheric, downtempo track with great production, warm pads, cinematic narration, balanced progression and some addictive vocal samples to add to the plot. We suggest repeated listens, since the track’s unique beauty won’t unfold in the initial contact. Are you a skydreamer? We defo are, and we love ‘little fluffy clouds‘…

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis