1. Black Flowers Cafe – ‘Kinshasa’ 

What we love most about Black Flower Cafe‘s ‘Kinshasa‘, is the free spirit, and the genre-breaking approach. This dark indie rock banger is actually built upon an afropop structure, pretty uncommon for an Italian band. The track’s 4 minutes flow naturally and there are moments while listening to this dreamy gem, wondering if this song belongs to the “afro indie” categorization.. If there is one really.

Doesn’t really matter; ‘Kinshasa‘ is a ravishing listening experience from start to finish!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Coriky – ‘Too Many Husbands’

Ian MacKaye (formerly of Fugazi, Minor Threat, The Evens, and many others), Joe Lally (Fugazi, The Messthetics, etc), and Amy Farina (ex-The Evens, The Warner’s, etc) formed the new band Coriky, who’s debut album was set for a March release but had to be pushed forward due to the infamous coronavirus.

The self-titled debut will now be released June 12th via Dischord Records, and this past week Coriky shared the second single ‘Too Many Husbands‘. A three minute nitty gritty Fugazi-esque track sung by Farina, it’s a must for any Dischord aficionado, especially if you like the odd timing Mr. MacKaye likes to produce.

Sarah Medeiros


The first two bands that came in mind when I pressed the play button for this track, were The Cure & New Order. Mighty, “Hook-y” basslines, and dreamy synths are the main elements of this “wavy”, brit rock treat and debut single by Liverpool band POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE, that stuck on repeat on Last Day Deaf‘s hi-fi! ‘Mine‘ is yours!

Christos Doukakis

  1. The Blues And Greys – ‘Mayday’

The Blues And Greys‘ latest single ‘Mayday‘, belongs in the atypical category of “life-checker” tracks. What do I mean? Listening to this song, one may undersatnd if he’s really still alive. Not just breathing in and out. It’s all about feelings.

Somewhere in between indie rock and ethereal dark pop the band has created one of the most anthemic, immediate and medidative listening experiences of this pandemic year. Pure magic!

Wanna check if you’re still ‘alive’?

Christos Doukakis

  1. Juni Poet – ‘Ways to Grow Old’

This one is among any kind of critique… It’s straight from the heart by the Swedish singer, songwriter, producer & young man, Juni Poet. ‘Ways to Grow Old‘ is as good as it gets, with Juni’s stunning, heartfelt vocal performance and the gentle, all-pervasive indie folk soundscapes, combined with lyrics like below. Lyrics that have to be read, while listening to this brilliant gem..

There’s many ways to grow old

You can go bold

Sit on your porch in your swing in your polo

Having whiskey and cigars with your old bros

Reminiscing and talk about good days

Where did they go

Fuck do I know

But there’s no point to turn miserable

Soon you’re free yea you paid of your house loan

And now soon you will move under a stone

But I could never grow old

I just know so

Cus of an idea that runs trough my back bone

That I’ve figured all out by tomorrow

But tomorrow never comes

Always today

And I feel low

So I’ll postpone

Getting shit faced instead see where it goes

Got an itch in my brain, I hear echos

As I’m screaming out in to the unknown

Yea I’m forever you

I’ll die for ever young

But there’s many ways to grow old

Maybe I’m old

I have liver for a thousand years or more

In my head I have traveled the whole globe

Been trough wether and and climbed every mountain

Now I don’t know

Where I came from

By my side I have walked with a young boy

He is sad and he wants us to find home

Wile I just want to lay down in a meadow

I’m just so fucking tired

I’m just so fucking tired

Yea I’m forever young

I’ll die forever young

I’m just so fucking tired

Let’s drink and have some fun

Maybe die forever young

Thank you for the goosebumps!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros