1. SAVAK – ‘It’s Mutual’

It’s Mutual‘ is the taut and jittery second single from Brooklyn punk-lite band SAVAK’s latest album ‘Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth‘. Slightly over 2 minutes in length, it’s yet another steady release from SAVAK, and as this music writer is an obsessive Queen fan it must be added, the first few lines sound (lyrically) something Mercurial.. but that may be a stretch. Crazy distortions aside, the music video is directed by John von Pamer and animated by Nick Sewell – check it out.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. The Murder Capital – ‘For Everything’

Dublin-based post-punk quintet The Murder Capital is not newbie for Last Day Deaf. Last year, at their peak, we managed to get them and answer our 9+1 Q&A, so feel free to (re)-visit it! For this week’s mixtape, their live in-studio at Tapetown Studio on Lydhavnen in Aarhus, Denmark, for the opening track ‘For Everything‘ from their debut album, is a must watch & listen. The sound is massive and and the video is capturing the band at their best like Joy Division meet IDLES & The Sound. Before you press the play button, make sure you take a very deep breath for the next 6 minutes. Pure epicness and needless to say that this is another matchless Tapetown live session!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Adult Programming – ‘YR FAULT’

Fast & furious! Yup, Adult Programming is the post-punk/new wave outfit from Miami led by musician and actor AJ Ruiz. ‘YR FAULT‘ is a paradigmatic blend of post punk, new wave and indie rock filtered with a high sense of humor. Yup, you read well. Adult Programming’s main asset is humor, that’s missing from most post-punk bands. Check this banger!

Christos Doukakis


Fuck that bitch I changed plan
Switch my style like I switch hands
Block the witness take the stand
Fuck out the way bitch back it up
Shit better get played in a palace
I cant treat niggas like big deals
Why put up a front I’m callous

JPEGMAFIA is back  with ‘BALD!‘ an  experimental hip-hop gem, with  a message: “if the barber had to come back to your hariline. this for u. bald niggas unite.” Stylish and utterly unique and defo not avoiding the F* word!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Gerry Cinnamon – ‘Where We’re Going’

Where We’re Going‘ is the most recent track acquired off of the forthcoming LP ‘The Bonny‘ by rising Scottish songwriter Gerry Cinnamon. The single is an ‘endless time love’ (to quote the song itself) that you’ll hold in a similar regard as The Courteeners‘ tunes. Intro reminiscent of The Stone Roses with that classic jangle, if not for the Scottish accent you would assume Mr. Cinnamon is from the Madchester scene!

Sarah Medeiros

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis