1. Blood Incantation – ‘Inner Paths (to Outer Space)’ 

American death metal band Blood Incantation are starting to get trippy on their latest single,

Inner Paths (to Outer Space)‘. A prog-psych track with dollops of metal, the band has described it best: “a meditative journey through the inner cosmos of the human mind.” The growl that you’ll hear near the end of the song? That’s Antti Boman of Demilich, so be prepared for the two seconds he’s featured or you may miss it. You can find the LP ‘Inner Paths (to Outer Space)‘ is on, ‘Hidden History of the Human Race‘, out November 22 via Dark Descent Records.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. The Kerosene Hours – ‘Purple Heart’

We are often blessed to listen to songs form the darker side of creation: Songs about  dark, scary nights, bad dreams, cigarettes, mistakes, good intentions. the road to hell, apologies. ‘Purple Heart‘ by The Kerosene Hours (Aaron Silverstein‘s music vehicle) is among them! A killer bassline, combined with the moody, baritone vocal performance will lead the daring listener to the desired “destination 0”.  Alternative music for the ‘doomed’…

Christos Doukakis

  1. rauður – ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die’

Now what do we have here? It’s one of those (not so rare fortunately) occasions that words are just too poor to describe the magig of a track like ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die‘ by Icelandic ‘fairy’ rauður. rauður is the stage name of Icelandic musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir (fromer Nóra) and this si the closing song of her debut album ‘Semilunar’, that was out last Friday via Synth Babes. The track sets off in a moody, ethereal pace to climax into the absolute indie electronic bliss after its 3rd minute. Unique, uncommon, and above all non-predictable. Ear-gasm!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Cosmosapien – ‘Aequorea, Pt. 4’

Cosmosapien introduces himself as an ‘independent composer of leftfield electronica who “makes electro soundscapes with synth hymns, and EDM confronting sci-fi musical ambience‘. For this week’s Mixtape, we chose the closing track from his recently released ‘Aequorea‘ EP, a stellar minimal house banger for those early hours in the ‘dark room’.  Highly atmospheric, addictive bassline, a pure u/g, thunderous gem!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Callum Pitt – ‘L. Lane’

Callum Pitt has that rare ability to wite and perform the catchiest indie folk tunes you’ve heard in the last few years. ‘L. Lane‘ is not the exception to the rule, since his impeccable songwriting can be heard from the very first seconds this one runs, to reach the absolutely gorgeous chorus just under the 1st minute. The “alt-folk King of harmonies” strikes back!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis