Let me share with you some thoughts that I have. Some thoughts about beauty.

Every house has a mirror, we all know that. All of us spent time to look at ourselves in the mirror. We fix our hair, we check if our clothes are ok, and women look themselves when they put their make-up, etc.

Which is the only thought that they lurks inside them, most of the people, when they look at the mirror? Those who will answer “we look if we are pretty”, they win a …gold watch! Yes, we all want to be pretty, we all want to look good. Especially in these days, image sells, and sells for good.

Let’s take for example someone who wants to find a job, and he (she) is ugly. He (she) has no possibilities if he (she) is not good looking (I don’t refer now if he is fat, or too short, etc. I’m speaking about image). Even if the job is sitting in an office by yourself, those who are ugly have fewer chances to get the job (except if his father is the boss!). So, why don’t we want ugly people to work for or with us? My first thought is because we believe that when we have ugly people around us (sometime during our day) it will affect us! We believe that we are ugly too! It’s exactly the opposite, of if we have good looking people around us, then we feel pretty also, we have better psychology! Why we do that? The answer is coming later in the text. My second thought has something to do with those who will work with us and are …pretty! We will feel lower, even if we are good looking too.

If job-wise, being good looking is an advantage, what can we say in relations? Most of people want someone pretty next to them. They want a pretty girlfriend or a pretty boyfriend. If someone is pretty, we don’t see his faults or his drawbacks, or we see them (much) later. And when we see it, we don’t want to “speak it loud”! We are looking only for the outside, never for the inside. Many will say that we have a lot of problems in our life, so, let’s have someone pretty next to us! Yes, I heard them with my own ears saying that! But this so wrong, that I wouldn’t want to analyze it. A fine example, often, is our parents: when they meet the one who want to get married, they will be very happy if he (she) is pretty, and they will feel pretty awful if he (she) is ugly.

Of course, those who choose to marry someone only (or at least are in their top priorities) if he (she) is pretty, their marriage –or their relationship- will depend on lies. But they realize that only when beauty is gone. I want to say that there are many more things than a pretty face, with the most important of that is …how rich is the other person (but I don’t talk about this now). Why all that is happening? Why we do that? The answer is coming later in the text.

Especially in our days, with the cosmetic companies having us as slaves, it’s too difficult to resist if our mind is lower than our …face. We see too many commercials for how to look good, we see so many pretty faces, that it’s easy for us to say “I want to be like him” (or like her). And most of the brainwashing that cosmetics do to us, are the commercials that ‘promise’ “be young again” (!!). We can’t be young again, let’s face it. We know that, but, deep in us we buy the products because …we want to be young forever! Why we do that? The answer is coming later in the text.

So, before starting writing the epilogue, I want to say that these people, are fake! Are fake to their friends, to their parents, to everyone. But, the saddest thing of all is that they are fake to themselves! Sometimes I feel pity for them, sometimes I don’t care if they live or not. These people are racists to those who had a bad luck and have a disability. These people are too selfish! These people are vanity! These people, are …around us! These people are (maybe) me, or you! These people are so insecure, that they want to put all the others under their shoes so they can look taller (and prettier!). They are afraid to be themselves, they want to be above all, and afraid of that kind of rejection! Sadly, there are no medicines for these people, and if you ever meet someone like these, just saw them compassion.

(These were just a few hustle thoughts of mine,  and of course I believe that people in majority are not like them. Of course this is a big issue).

 So, let’s all singalong: “Oh human nature, so much to answer for!”.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss