There is a parallel world to which we all live, and it is made up of chance, intuitions, fears, mysteries. . . Hoffmann explored, in everyday life, that hidden reality that can be guessed in dreams, visions, ghosts, funerary stories, scientific machinations. In short, a world full of strange and mysterious forces, which are able to play with the life and illusions of all of us.

Nachtstücke‘ is a look at that universe where disturbing characters live that become oracles, supposedly trivial images that contain a mystery, as well as threatening inventions that never cease to amaze us. Thus, dreams, magnetism, telekinesis, somnambulism, forebodings, premonition and telepathy make up the matter of this disturbing reality .


First sound work (“only be published in digital format” ) by Juan Carlos Toledo (Silent Love of Death) dark environments full of nuances and sparkles, subtle orchestration, minimalism sound.