The band we welcome this time in the lounge of Last Day Deaf is Meat Injection. A band that, -its roots are in the early electronic forms with a more glamorous look and based on the post punk guitar notes-, creates a conventional sample of an electronic sentimental gothic porn. To be honest, I didn’t like their debut EP this much, but, nevertheless, they came to shake the “aural happenings” with a new track, the reason for this interview. This Saturday they perform at Death Disco’s venue as Bleib Modern’s special guests.

Good evening, my dears, thinking about the questions I would like to ask you this time, I noticed that your group was founded in 2015. What happened in these two years that went by? What did you add and what did you leave out? What impact did these two years have on your psychology and directly on your small beautiful band that’s called Meat Injection?

Hello, Thank you very much for the invitation.

Dora: In 2015 we met each other and started jamming some old songs from the previous singer (Thodoris). As the time passed, we obtained our personal  style of music. We decided to continue as a duo and begin to write our songs. I had no previous experience in music industry , composing e.t.c. so it was a very beautiful  and hard process for me to start thinking as a musician. Dimitris and me  have an excellent collaboration and we combine on different musical backgrounds with respect to each other’s  influences.

Dimitris: We always try to overcome our fears and let the paranoia show us the way. Over the time we’ve managed to create a very honest musical communication and that’s very satisfying. I believe that, most importantly, we respect each other and our goal is to make good music and provoke our limits.

Why did it take you so long to make an official release? Listening to ‘Death For Fun E.P.‘ I get (my personal opinion) the sense of the unsatisfied.

Dora: As I said before I had no musical experience and I needed some time to begin expressing my self through our music. Plus, we are perfectionists and we wanted to give our best at our first release.

Dimitris: Hahaaaa , yeah , you’ve  got a point. At first we were a bit anxious while trying to express ourselves but through time everything was in order. We started recording for the first time together about a year ago and it was a very interesting experiment.

I would say that ‘Am.I Lonely?’ is the mismatched song of the EP keeping, of course, the element of melancholy with no fix of insanity or glamour, but at the same time drowned in more electric sounds. Could this be an apocalyptic clue of the way the band is going to evolve?

Dora : The ‘Am.I Lonely?‘ was the last song we composed for the E.P. It was the end of our first era as a band  and the start for the new one, more twisted  and melancholic that want to make you dance and cry at the same time (personal experience).

Dimitris : This song definitely led us to different paths …

A week ago you hurled us into a new musical space after listening to your new song ‘Hang Me Love Me’, I will start only by praising you! WHAT A SONG! Really, what led you to this musical maturity, I notice much better vocals, a production that rocks, new ideas, a catchy tune in the refrain, guitars that rock, a bridge at the end with which you take the skies as well as the idea of the video, etc. What is the release date of the new EP and what else should we expect to listen to?

Dora: Thank you very much for your kind words. We are very proud for this song and video. It’s a signature tune for the upcoming E.P. We will release the second E.P. at the end of May . We believe that our second release will be more mature than the first one with more powerful riffs, vocals and synths.

Dimitris: Thank you ! At this point we enjoy writing more groovy and dramatic stuff…

Maybe because we are pissed and angry maybe because we are too fucking sensitive..

Which were your main inspirations that led you in the creation of this band and that finally made it in your luggage? Could adult pornography be one of them?

Dora: For me was a need of  express my feelings, my needs and my phobias.

Dimitris: Music is the best drug , it can tear you apart and send you to  heaven at the same time..

Tell us something about the third member of the band (if we could call him like that) with whom you have a steady cooperation for a while now and, moreover, if I’m not mistaken, does he have anything to do with Obscura Nova?

Dora: Gerasimos Dionatos is our producer as well our friend. He helps us a lot in production and mixing and he gives to our songs  an “industrial air”. He is the “third opinion” when we can’t  decide the best way to express our selves  through music as well my teacher at music production. We trust him and respect him as  musician.  Our  first singer was friend with the band Obscura Nova, he appreciated their music and production so we got in touch with Gerasimos. We are friends too with the guys from Obscura Nova and we had some lives together too.


Is it easier to act like a duet? I am asking that because your disagreements may be more intense and sometimes they may become more personal as there aren’t many people involved (other band members) so they could take on the role of the peacemaker. Could a duet be assumed as a couple?

Dora: We are definitely a music couple! I had the opposite opinion about arguments. We cooporate with respect and admiration to each other’s needs so we solve our problems easily.

Dimitris: We have intense moments of fighting some times but the good as well as the bad moments always lead to some good tunes gigs and parties.

You are one of the rising names of the Greek dark scene, what could the future be of this musical scene in Greece the following years and what is your opinion on that now that you live the experience and you are doing your part in the making of the myth?

Dora: First of all unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a dark scene in Greece. There are a few bands who  try to revive the scene in Greece. We hope we will influence more people to listen and write dark music. We are making our myth for ourselves and our music  and this is the most important part for Meat Injection.

Dimitris: Thanks for your kind words… In my opinion the scene is not as vivid as it could be in Greece. As far as we’re concerned, we make music because it’s a need .. we love to feel that our music can touch…

What is your personal opinion on the social moments we live in Greece? Are the Greeks aware of what’s going on in their country?

Dora: The new generations are more aware of what’s going on in Greece. Unfortunately, the majority of people are “closed to their caves” and they don’t understand that the change at the social moments will begin from all of us as a unit.

Dimitris: We’ve always been the bitches of international great powers-cartels. It’s ok.

What are your thoughts on Bleib Modern’s live gig in which you act as a support band?

Dora: We are very excited to open Bleib Modern’s live. It’s a band that we love and admire.

Dimitris: We are very honored to play as a support for such a great band!

Future plans and gigs after the one on Saturday, at Death Disco?

We will play a live for the release of our second E.P. at Romantso with Mitic Threesome on the 2nd of June.

And, for the end, a playlist of the top ten songs and albums that defined your sound.


  1. Holygrams – Still There
  2. Olms – Share The Same Madness
  3. Selofan – Sto Skotadi
  4. Τhe Kvb – Always There
  5. Dead Husband – Plastic Mind
  6. Boy Harsher – Pain
  7. Bleib Modern – Vale Of Tears
  8. Human Tetris – This I Don’t Need
  9. Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
  10. Everything From Joy Division.


  1. Clan of Xymox-Medousa
  2. The Prodigy-Music For the Jilted Generation
  3. Mono-You Are There
  4. Die form – Duality
  5. Marilyn Manson-Mechanical animals
  6. Slowdive-Souvlaki
  7. Rossetta Stone-Adrenaline
  8. Joy Division-Warsaw

A wish for our webzine.

Be brave!

Photo credits: 3fklik and Spyros Mantzakos

Makis Gevros