Mazut is a polish duo from Warsaw. Mazut means an abundance of colourful pedals, a toy keyboard, vintage radio receivers, dictaphones, casette tapes found among trash or bought at flea markets, samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, a four track cassette recorder, and a truckload of other gear. In their always improvised and thus unrepeatable pieces, the band members explore dark and musty territories of minimal beat music, where dirty and crude lo-fi acid techno intertwines with industrial feedback. All of this is spiced up with sampled text which adds to their sound’s dark feel whatever it actually is – be it extracts from fairy tales, a speech by a war murderer, or a manipulative pep talk.

Recorded during few days in September @ Ladom, Warszawa.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Michał.
Layout by Paweł.
Drawing on front cover by Pan Nowak (mszz.co)
Band photo by Paweł Jaśkiewicz (paweljaskiewicz.com)

On January 5th they are releasing a new album called ‘Atlas‘ on polish label BDTA and are going on a small tour around Europe:
05.01.2018 – Poglos, Warsaw, PL
20.01.2018 – Carpe Diem, Wrocław, PL
22.01.2018 – Kubik, Trnava, SK
23.01.2018 – MŰTŐ, Budapest, HU
24.01.2018 – Down Under, Vienna, AU
25.01.2018 – Punctum, Praha, CZ
26.01.2018 – Menu, Hradec Kralove, CZ
27.01.2018 – Zimnichaak Festival, Orlova, CZ

28.01.2018 – Herna, Brno, CZ