The following are 20 of the tracks that shook my universe within the last year, in no particular order… Hope you enjoy!

Arcadian Child – ‘Rabbit Hole’

Antipole – ‘Shadow Lover’ (feat. Paris Alexander)

Vagina Lips – ‘Sometimes When You Lose You Actually Win’ (ft Lostinthe)

How To Disappear Completely – ‘Hava’

Amenra – ‘Children Of The Eye’

Alvvays – ‘Dreams Tonite’

Slowdive – ‘Star Roving’

Glue – ‘Hunger’

Xxxtentacion – ‘Look At Me!’

Chastity Belt – ‘Different Now’

Arcade Fire – ‘Electric Blue’

Shock Frontier – ‘Duress’

The Luxembourg Signal – ‘Laura Palmer’

nthng – ‘It Never Ends’

Vrångbild – ‘Vortex-Messiah’

The War On Drugs – ‘Holding On’

Temple Of Void – ‘Graven Desires’

Dislocation Genders – ‘You Don’t Fade In Silence’

My Favourite Things – ‘I Don’t Know’

Corrections – ‘Underground City’

Christos Doukakis