Anders Brørby and Rune Clausen have produced a set of tracks that are stunning, awe-inspiring, and contemplative. Mannen Faller is a mixture of the respect one must have for nature if one is to survive it alongside the awe that nature’s beauty inspires. While there are certainly moments of unease, Brørby and Clausen present the natural beauty of their country without the trappings of innocence but rather with a large helping of the realities that nature brings.” – Somewherecold


released September 15, 2017

This is a tribute to the Norwegian forests and animals.

Written and produced by Anders Brørby and Rune Clausen.
Mastered by James Plotkin.

Cover art by Theodor Kittelsen.
Layout by Aaris King.

Thanks to Linn Skåber and to all the birds and animals that contributed.