Loathe is a UK (Liverpool) based metalcore with tech electronic elements band. Their line-up consists of five members: Kadeem France (vocals), Erik Bickerstaffe (guitars, vocals), Shayne Smith (bass, vocals), Connor Sweeney (guitars, vocals), and Sean Radcliffe (drums). After re-releasing their last EP ‘Prepare Consume Proceed’ (2016, SharpTone Records), which draw positive reactions, they recently released (April 14th) ‘The Cold Sun’ LP via SharpTone Records.

Tell us a few words about Loathe. How did you guys meet and under what circumstances was the band created?

We’ve known each other for a number of years through working on various projects and gravitated toward each other because of our similar ambitions to form what is now Loathe.

There is a quote from Erik in your official site: We stand by the outlook that negativity can be channeled and used as a tool to create something not only positive but progressive. Could you elaborate more on that? Personally, I get two kinds of interpretation. The first is the reborn from the ashes one, and the other has to do with reversing something negative to positive. In which way do you mean it?

We mean this in the sense of using negative energy and thoughts in a way that creates opportunity and achievement rather than destruction.

Your new album The Cold Sun is a concept album. Can you share details of the story and reveal us if there is an optimistic element in it?

We have our own version of events in the story that follow a path of inner turmoil, loss of reality, a great battle and the aftermath it leaves behind. The details of the story are entirely open to interpretation based on whatever the listener imagines.

You use post-punk, hardcore and electronic elements, to cut it short a metalcore sound – if you agree with this label. I am not sure if this scene is used to creating concept albums comparing to other genres of extreme sound. In what degree was it difficult for you to do so, and what’s more doing it for your debut album?

We don’t tend to think of ourselves under a particular label, as opposed to taking influence from a wide variety of art forms. Every chapter of Loathe follows a new story from a new point of view on the world. The thoughts and concepts evolve as our own experiences develop, so it’s the very first element we approach when creating something new.

Which are your musical influences (favorite bands/artists)? Do all members of Loathe share the same more or less influences?

We each share different music tastes but can all agree on the styles and artists that influence us. Our influences also come from film and digital media, so the main sonic influences for ‘The Cold Sun’ were Deftones, Meshuggah, Imogen Heap and the soundtracks of ‘’Akira’’ and ‘’Silent Hill 2’’.

Who is the main responsible for the lyrical themes and what is the main inspiration for the writing?

The themes stem around the story that the album follows. Again we’re inspired by many different platforms as well as the world around us. Kadeem and Erik are the main lyrical writers but we all play a hand in the final outcome.

I saw in some video footage that Kadeem (vocals) occasionally wears a mask, which looks Slipknot-ish somehow. Can you tell us about its significance?

We utilize the mask in a way to advance on the aesthetic aspects of Loathe, bringing some sort of anonymity back to the face of the band.

You performed last year at Knotfest, which I guess was a big step for you. Many describe your live shows as theatrical, dark and even sinister. Does this derive from your music or do you intend to offer something also visually strong?

We want our live show to be a performance both sonically and visually. We strive to make the experience as special as possible for all who attend.

You are preparing for some live shows in UK next month. Are there any plans for a wider tour abroad?

There are some potential tours in the making but nothing set in stone at the moment.

Thank you for your time! Add anything you wish to close this interview.

Loathe as one. Thank you.

Mary Kalaitzidou