Living Under Drones, a band that can stir in their pot the fantasy, the paranoia of war, the daily routine along with contemporary concerns without failing to reference to their musical education. Hailing from Ioannina, LUD is a band that is unique not only for their sound but for the dynamic of their live shows as well. Wherever you happen to come across them, give them a chance, even if they are only known in the circles of the underground musical scenes, for τhe time being. It is an interview that was a bit delayed but its gist will satisfy you. Bon appetit!

How come you chose the name Living Under Drones? As my comment, I would say that it brings to mind a science fiction novel of a stifling modern reality in a world not so different from our own.

You have a point here. It kind of reminds us of an approach to a dystopian near future, similar to Ray Bradbury‘s fiction novels. In fact, we came across it in an article concerning the extensive murdering of unarmed people via remote control in Palestine and in the war zones of Middle East. As for the name itself, we liked both its message and the way it sounds.

Do you know John Cage (composer, music theorist) and a few words for each song of your EP?

We are aware of John Cage‘s work as a post-war avant-garde composer and music theorist, along with his commitment to heterodox and innovative music methods. One of his particular techniques is called ”prepared” piano and suggests that several objects are being placed on the strings of the instrument to accomplish a more percussive and weird sound. This eventually encouraged certain groups of musicians to apply this skill on other instruments, especially on the guitar. One of them is Duane Denison of Jesus Lizard, a post hardcore-noise act that has an influential impact on us right now. Regarding the songs of our EP, we would prefer to remain firm in their own titles. If there’s something more to them, we’d like to leave it to anyone’s judgement and imagination.

What were the circumstances under which you did your recording and what drove you, finally, from your first concert, if I’m not mistaken, with Electric Litany, to the creation and release of the EP?

We came through some difficult times, both in economical and unfortunate aspects, during the recording process of the EP. It took us a bit longer than we had planned at first, but we finally made it happen. Everything, except the mastering, took place in Yellowstone Studios, near Ioannina city, with the help of our sound engineer Andy Venetis. Then, the whole material was mastered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk Studios, in Hamburg DE. As for the recording process we did it live, adding some overdubs on guitar and bass afterwards. All in all, it was an experience that helped us evolve and move forward with our music/composing perspective. Our gig with Electric Litany was one of our first live appearances, but not the very first. It was in Analipsi Squat, in Vyronas, Athens and it really was a blast, especially in the time that happened.

How come there’s no singing in your songs or even some verse recital? You gave it a try and it didn’t work out from the first times?

We never really considered adding vocals in our music. It wasn’t really an issue like ”we can’t find a damn singer!”, but more of a certain approach to music composition. It’s not something that is out of question, but it’s not on the table right now.

In your first baby steps as a band did it ever occur to you that you would play post rock/noise?

At first we altogether shared some influences referring to the wide array of post-rock, post-hardcore and noise genres. Everyone had his own preferences, but we all heard to bands such as Red Sparowes, A Place To Bury Strangers, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sonic Youth. Having said that, through time, further listening to music and experimentation, we have somewhat changed our point of view and have developed a slightly different perspective, emphasizing to noisier, heavier and somewhat obsessive elements, which we hope will be captured in our next record.

Do you agree with the famous motto D.I.Y. or Die? Down to the marrow, how would you react if you were approached by a famous music company?

We believe that the DIY term opens up a serious field of further discussion that just can’t fit into a motto. However, we put ourselves into the DIY context by supporting -and also being supported by- the DIY self-organised structures and squats. The case of contacting a big label or a large music company, so we can turn our own music into a sterile product, is pretty unrealistic and has nothing to do with us. We strongly support the activity of DIY and indie labels or the self-release option.

In your opinion, what is the future of Greek independent musicians in a country that can’t support artists in a proper way according to standards, let’s say, of Sweden?

We think that this question is related with our previous answer. It has to do with the matters of ”support” and ”supporters”, as well as with the content of how each one chooses to create, produce and distribute his material. Again, we choose the side of the DIY structures and indie labels, also having in mind that this is neither a static process neither a monolithic panacea, but there are issues and concerns that we have to deal with.


What could inspire you or inspires you from our everyday reality?

None and nothing remains intact in the everyday struggle of being, therefore the answer is that inspiration could come out from nearly everything.

What is your opinion on Fidel Castro, Leader or Left’s bilker?

One significant revolutionary figure of the 20th century.

Could you recommend us some bands of the underground scene of Ioannina?

Apparently, not a lot is going on in Ioannina. The only bands that are currently active are Skotodini (female fronted dark punk act), Mprizes (noise punk trio), ”8-0”(Garage  trio) and Blind Them With Science (Post rock, instrumental).

Top 10 songs and 10 albums that inspired you during the creation of the EP.

We Are No Here’ from the album ‘Mr Beast’ by Mogwai.

Sleep’ from the album ‘Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven’ by Godspeed You Black Emperor!.

Giving birth To Imagened Saviours’ from the album ‘The Fear Is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer’ by Red Sparowes.

In Fiction’ from the album ‘Panopticon’ by Isis.

Mind Control’ from the album ‘Worship’ by A Place to Bury Strangers.

Tuning’ from the album ‘Goo’ by Sonic Youth.

1777’ from the album ‘Memorial’ by Russian Circles.

Threads’ from the album ‘This Will Destroy You’ by This Will Destroy You.

Day of the Lords” from the album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ by Joy Division.

Yearning’ from the album ‘You Are There’ by Mono.

What are your future plans? (On releases and concerts).

We are very close to complete the compositional part of our forthcoming first full-lenght album. We currently consider some issues and different ways of production and we plan to set up some shows both in Greece and (for the first time) abroad, in the near future.

What do you have to say to those who haven’t seen you live yet so they can grasp and understand the energy and the bond you have as a band?

We don’t have something particular to say, rather than we do not have a specific plan or anything like that, about our live performance. We throw ourselves into playing live and loud and that’s all there is to it.

A greeting for our readers.

Greetings to you all, support your local D.I.Y scene.

Makis Gevros