‘Kitchen sink indie’ band Little Comets released their new album ‘WORHEAD‘, after having already revealed ‘The Great Outdoors‘, ‘Common Things‘, the title track ‘Worhead‘, ‘À Bientôt‘, ‘Break Bread‘ and ‘Louise‘. Fans joked that the band is not saving any tracks for the release of ‘WORHEAD‘ on March 9th via The Smallest Label.

WORHEAD‘ is the followup to the English trio’s 2015 album, ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind‘; their third album. On the band’s website they’ve published four blog pieces on the lyrics to some of the tracks on ‘WORHEAD‘, ‘Common Things‘ and ‘Same Lover‘ included. Speaking on ‘Same Lover‘, the band stated: “It’s quite a simple one really – it is about addiction. I think you can get pretty much addicted to anything – a feeling, a sense, a substance, a pattern of behaviour, something that becomes a cycle – just a position that could be both destructive and constructive but which makes it almost impossible to walk away from. I think the song is also mingled in with thoughts of dealing with a mental illness and depression and sadness.” Check out ‘Common Things and the album’s tracklist below:

WORHEAD‘ Tracklist:

1. Worhead

2. The Man Who Wrote Thriller

3. Common Things

4. A Bientot

5. The Seven Ages of Man

6. The Redeemer

7. The Great Outdoors

8. Louise

9. Break Bread

10. Hunting

11. Same Lover

Sarah Medeiros