We are really up to premiere ‘Moments‘ from Alaskan shoegaze/dreampop band A Thousand Hours, prior to their 17th March debut album release ‘Endless Grey‘ through Vesper Records.

A ‘freezing warmth’ beauty…

A Thousand Hours – ‘Moments’:

Press Release

Hailing from the cold Alaskan north, A Thousand Hours are releasing their debut album ‘Endless Grey‘ March 17 on Vesper Records. The music of A Thousand Hours takes its inspiration from a diversity of sounds and bands, such as Red House Painters, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and The Cure. The release, recorded by vocalist and songwriter Red Collier, was mastered by Greg Wilson of DKFM Shoegaze Radio and features guest vocals by Mandy Clare (of Lights That Change) and Nico Beatastic.

A Thousand Hours are:

Red Collier: Vocals, Guitar
Demi Haynes: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Albert Gresens: Guitar, Bass
Nadi Mack: Keyboards, Vocals

Mandy Clare on Endless Grey and B
Nico Beatastic on Rainy Days

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Release Date: 3/17/17
Record Label: Vesper Records

Location: Nome, Alaska