Get ready for a wild ride with Californian thrash punk trio, The Sturgeons, as they prepare to release their highly anticipated full-length album in August 2023. They recently unleashed their first teaser, Maybe You Could, a relentless two-minute assault of thrash metal and punk energy. With the wizardry of guitar virtuoso Matt Schweickert-Stary, the song manages to deliver the volcanic intensity of punk while incorporating the blistering riffage of thrash metal.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences like Mr. Bungle, Primus, Slayer, and Obituary, The Sturgeons have crafted a sound that defies categorization. Their upcoming album promises to be an exhilarating fusion of punk, metal, and experimental/idiosyncratic rock. Fingrers crossed!

This song is anti-violence, anti-border, and anti-war. It suggests that we invest in teaching children how to make friends as a way to cure some of society’s ills.”The Sturgeons