Jenom Dow Gaura is a talented Nigerian rapper and singer/songwriter who goes by the name Sleam or Sleamintersection. His latest release, Soldier, is creating a buzz in the music scene: With impeccable flow and heartfelt rap delivery, the artist is certain to captivate genre’s aficionados. The track’s standout features include absorbing, mood-lifting soundscapes, showcasing a distinct fusion of rap music, pop, Nigerian afrobeats, soul, and trap, – or like aptly self-described as “Soul-Rap.”

In Soldier, Sleamintersection’s artistry shines through, gaining fans with his extraordinary ability to seamlessly merge genres, and create something of his own unique.

Soldier is a song that preaches genuine love of family and of oneself, encouraging everyone with doubts while hustling to remain strong with the mentality of a warrior, and the heart of a soldier.“Sleamintersection