Madge, the non-binary artist, has just dropped the BOXJAR album through AntiFragile Music, and its opener MACROWAVE is a prime example. This track begins as a simmering indie rock delight, poised to explode, and indeed, it doesn’t take long before it morphs into a cacophony of noisy hyperpop goodness. Madge delivers a diverse, unique, and anti-conformist musical experience that defies traditional boundaries, making BOXJAR a captivating journey into uncharted sonic territories.

Madge about BOXJAR’s album opener: “MACROWAVE was the first song I wrote on this album and it set the tone for the whole thing. It was also the first session I had after my dad died. I can hear the weirdness and rawness of it now so clearly two years later – that screaming singing style at the end was purely organic. I honestly hadn’t planned on doing that.”