Max Hershenow, recognized for his role in the acclaimed alt-pop duo MS MR, steps into a new chapter with his solo project, alexmaax. Following years of writing and producing for others, he unveils Openended. This delicate synth-pop ballad evokes the essence of Perfume Genius and a more conventional Xiu Xiu. Crafted with precision, the track features shimmering synths and intimate vocals, marking a captivating new era for Hershenow as he explores a sonic landscape reminiscent of his influences.

Max Hershenow says: “Openended is about a close friendship that dissolved as we each drew different lessons about who we wanted to be during the isolation of the pandemic. My friend suddenly moved away without really telling me, prompting a period of deep heartbreak and self-reflection as I tried to make sense of what had gone wrong. “Openended” is an attempt to capture that aching search for meaning.