Get ready to unleash the rock beast! Family Man‘s CONVICTION, brought to you by Indica Records, packs a punch that combines the raw power of IDLES, the punk attitude of Viagra Boys, and the infectious catchiness of shame. This Canadian outfit is all set to claim the 2023 rock crown, and they’re here to rock your world! For all you punk aficionados out there, this album is an absolute must-listen. So buckle up, turn the volume to eleven, and let the relentless energy of CONVICTION take you on a wild ride through the punk rock paradise!

Lead singer/guitarist Conner Root says, “the true nature of ‘CONVICTION’ speaks to how so many of us on all sides of the spectrum use arbitrary identifiers to not only judge and belittle others, but to excuse ourselves from finding who we actually are. There have always been members of Family Man who openly identify as being LGBTQ+, but the band adopts an ‘I am who I am, and if you don’t like that, I couldn’t care less’ mentality. ‘CONVICTION’’ is the first time we touch on that publicly.