Artist: Cassegrain
Title: ‘ARCS-04
Label: Arcing Seas
Catalogue: ARCS-04
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Release date: 23th June 2017

A1: Shahmaran
B1: Caracal
B2: Vulpine

12″ sleeve designed and hand stamped by Alex from Cassegrain.

In quick succession to ARCS-03, which boasted remixes by The Mover, Shifted and Peder Mannerfelt, Cassegrain keep up the pressure with a new EP of originals – ARCS-04. Returning to their tunnelling hypnotic trademark sound over three focused, club-ready trips, the Arcing Seas heads channel varied and irrepressible moods into each track. Built on solid dancefloor founda-tions and rich in colourful, non-conventional sound design, they scan through tribal ritualism with A side ‘Shahmaran’, moving to the pumping urgency of ‘Caracal’ and the rolling post-acid workout of ‘Vulpine’. ARCS-04 is a straight-up DJ-friendly 12”, something that’s conveyed in the record’s more minimalist artwork.