Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 2nd November live appearance of “need-no-special-introduction” Evi Hassapides Watson‘s (Echo Tattoo, No Man’s Land) new group She Tames Chaos with support act Robert Sin & The Huckleberries, that will take place at ILION Plus, Athens, Greece. By far the best event for the upcoming Thursday!

The event is organised by the restless Merlin’s Music Box.

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She Tames Chaos – Bio

Evi Hassapides Watson is the Greatest Female Voice to have ever appeared in the Greek Rock Scene.

Although it’s been more than 20 years since Billboard’s front page [1] described Evi as the leading female voice in Greek rock,
She Tames Chaos’ frontwoman (singer/songwriter & producer) still is the indisputable Queen of the local scene[2].

Evi and her previous band, Echo Tattoo, have won 1st place in the 1996 SCYPE (Song Competition of Youth Programs in Europe) with her song “Over”, and have shared a stage with U2, supporting them on their POP MART tour stop in Greece, in Thessaloniki.

She Tames Chaos are Evi’s third -new- band.
They have just released their debut Vinyl album (on Dec 11th, 2016), titled “Oh, fair Father, where art thou?” with G.O.D. Records, a Local Indie Label. The Album has already made Athens Voice’s BEST of 2016 list [3] . It contains 7 great songs.

Take for instance “Toyland” which would have the music connoisseur see the band subtly but firmly rub shoulders with
King Crimson, “Return to Forever” a.k.a. “James Bond”, “The Narcissist” which is very popular with the band’s fans and “Fall” which according to Spyros Hytiris, a well-established music critic and Radio Producer with the “Greek National Radio and TV” (ERT), “combines Left-field Pop with the Blues”, which is probably a far sharper interpretation of their music than the band’s own: “Indie with hints of Folk mixed with Progressive and Vocal Pop, maybe.”

Listen closely to the tracks as they slowly unwind into passionate, deep felt vocal crescendos and surreal landscapes:
Vintage Overtones, Progressive Undertones, Noise, Fundamental Heavy, Disturbed Psychedelia, Dream Pop/Rock, Smudged Soul, Modulated Folk. Intelligenzia, Emotion, Sincerity.

While Greece is still in the eye of the European financial storm, She Tames Chaos are playing around town for Crumbs and Glory as part of a relentless scene who just won’t give up.

Robert Sin & The Huckleberries – Bio

The Huckleberries float gently between Americana, Country-Folk and a powerful emotional soundscape reminiscent of Psychedelia and all the Classic qualities of a solid musical
upbringing.Their music is a canvas of charismatic reconstructions of the band’s member’s schooling: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jack White, Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Richmond Fontaine, Jason Molina, Led Zeppelin and all the legends of decades past.
The Huckleberries are Robert Sin on the guitar and lead Vocals,Stelios Chabipis on the second guitar and Dimitris Bouroussas on the drums,
both ex-members of the legendary 80’s band Libido Blume,”Uncle” Theo on the keys and Evi Hassapides Watson (No Man’s Land, Echo Tattoo, She Tames Chaos) on backing vocals and the bass.
The Huckleberries are a utopian oasis for the pure at heart.